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Pick the Right Application Replatforming Objectives for Your Bank’s Mainframe Modernization

Replatforming as a cloud migration strategy has emerged as it can help identify a clear ROI roadmap for adding new features in the cloud. For example, one of our Banking Sector clients onboarded our specialists to replatform from COBOL to Java. The biggest motivation behind the adoption of a replatforming strategy is to evolve and offer new products or experiences with an ‘as-a-service’ model. This makes replatforming a popular choice among CTOs who want to add new features to their legacy applications with a gradual migration to the cloud.

Replatforming has helped our client negate these risks associated with code-breakage related downtimes caused by a full rearchitecting or major refactoring of a business-critical application. The replatformed application also brings the CTO a key leverage to take full advantage of modern API integrations and “plug and play” third-party SaaS components. It has not only helped our client transform user experience for employees and customers, but has also upgraded specific features of applications that allows them to function in the cloud.

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Replatforming for Mainframe Modernization

How migrating to the cloud results in better scalability, user experience, and profitability?

The technical teams for our client were running on tight schedules to deliver production-ready deliverables every 2 months. Were provided with a clear roadmap that would migrate the existing COBOL programming-based applications to Java and shift selected critical workloads to a distributed cloud platform. This migration of critical workload without touching the mainframe source code and making incremental changes would save our client from high MIPS licensing fees.

Replatforming makes the app compatible for auto scaling and optimized cloud costs

The replatforming has ensured that the modernized application can be auto-scaled using open-source platforms that were not supported by the previous COBOL driven system. The new system is now capable of running thousands of distributed containers in a single cluster and the cloud data is portable across multiple IaaS providers.

Saves the client from costly server equipment, maintenance, electricity, and resources

Together, with the client teams, our specialists helped identified 50 medium mainframe applications that were best suited for replatforming. We were able to achieve close to 40% and up to 90% reductions in mainframe operational costs by replatforming.

Extract maximum benefits from migration to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud environments

The replatforming involved shifting from application servers and relational database management systems (RDBMS) to more scalable datastores-as-a-service and lightweight open-source software (OSS) web servers. The new auto-scaling has ensured critical technical talent is not wasting time on data management and code maintenance.

Drive maximized efficiency from technical resources and ensure faster delivery of new features

The client’s technical team had to had to manually give configuration details to node through Chef-Client. Any changes had to pass through the Chef server to be deployed. Using Sun Technologies’ new framework and automation tool IntelliSWAUT, they have enabled CI/CD capabilities that helps push a new feature in 5 hours versus weeks taken before.

Here are the Top Objectives for CTOs to go Application Replatforming

Introduce IT infrastructure automation to eliminates downtime caused by human error

Manually managing any IT infrastructure involves dependency on human skills and ability to monitor multiple servers, networks, and storage configurations. This brings the business at an increasing risk of outages as they look to introduce modern app features that require greater compute performance and application maintenance abilities. While mainframe automation tools are nascent, replatforming makes it possible to integrate AIOps for tedious IT Ops Workflows. These involve preparing network device configurations as a software code, managing code integrations, testing, and deployment.

Bid goodbye to over-sized capacity and costs by switching from Capex to Opex Model

Replatforming and upgrade such as COBOL to Java can also help in improved monitoring of compute resource consumption. Compute resource requirements can be accurately matched with the actual demand. In contrast, legacy systems compel IT teams to invest more on on-premise hardware for matching compute performance needs. The ROI in such circumstances would likely be impacted as the additional hardware could sit idle in off-peak hours. Replatforming on the other hand offers long-term ROI by transitioning from capital investment in hardware to operating expenses in cloud systems.

Make incremental improvements by identifying seams in the monolithic systems for migration

Sun Technologies’ Mainframe Modernization Specialists can help identify target applications for replatforming using agile methodologies and milestone-based sprints. Deploying talent specializing in legacy programming systems and codes, our framework gives a clear roadmap for migration with dedicated sprints that match the level of efforts required to deliver value in a time-bound manner. Our application service has the proven ability to consistently meet deadlines by deploying our in-house test automation and CI/CD deployment tool – IntelliSWAUT.

Our Customer Success Stories

A large, Privately- owned wholesale bank was looking for a consultant partner to help modernize its legacy applications to achieve cost savings while creating new age experiences for customers. The client was dealing with legacy systems, rising costs, and time-consuming manual processes. They wanted to modernize several software modules and sought the help of Sun Technologies to accelerate the transformation process. We worked alongside them on their business transformation journey, which included platform upgrades, re-platforming, and re-hosting while managing changing business requirements.

Our specialists Replatformed Legacy COBOL Applications to a Modern Technology for a Leading Financial firm. Our team understood the applications and timelines for migrating critical applications. We created a unified automated application process without impacting everyday business operations. Our specialists undertook the Rewrite code and also deployed a dedicated offshore team to support the migration of applications.

We undertook Enterprise Application Portal Upgrade (JBoss EAP7 to EAP8) for a leading US-based financial company from New York City. They wanted to upgrade their desktop software products to the latest version, which legacy technologists had designed. In addition, they faced compatibility and supportability issues, and the portal itself was not scalable.

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