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Can’t Miss the basics – We stick to Unit Testing and Take Pride in it!!

Unit Testing Services

Sun Technologies has nurtured this niche expertise within the Developer/Tester – Agile environment for over a decade.

We perform unit testing during the development phase by isolating a section of the code and making sure each and every component of the software is tested for quality. We further ensure that the application works to its full potential and in a bug free manner in the real environment.

Typically, Unit Test involves SDETs (Software Developer Tester) skill set in agile environment to do the Unit Test job. Our decades of developing this Unit Test expertise has led to our success to deliver high quality Software Development services to our customers.

Our Unit Testing process covers the below phases

  1. Unit testing of each module or class is carried out in isolation
  2. Integration of all modules and test run to verify the software as a whole
  3. Some of the key unit testing services we offer include:

Case studies

Case studies

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