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DevOps & IT Automation

Automate the unimaginable across your entire IT ecosystem

Sun Technologies has been successful in helping the industry in adapting to the culture of “Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)”  by setting up a high maturity DevOps Pipeline and  automating Infrastructure related processes such as Maintenance, Monitoring, Patches and Upgrades, Code Deployment for both On-Premise and Cloud (Public, Hybrid).

Some of our DevOps capabilities include

  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment
    (CICD -Build, Deploy, Test & Commit)
  • Optimum Branch Strategy
  • Dockerization
  • Code Coverage Validation
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Open Source Scan
  • Auto Provision
  • Immutable servers
  • Integration testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Automated Change Order Process
  • Zero Downtime release on Cloud
  • Cloud Re-Hydration
  • Dashboarding / Analytics

Case studies

Case studies

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