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Sun Technologies is helping many Businesses perform under extreme peak loads

Load Testing

  • Sun Technologies provides load testing services for applications across various technologies and domains, that include client-server applications, web-based n-tier applications, and SOA based solutions
  • Our expert engineers analyze the behavior of the system under a set of expected load variations that shows the number of users the system can handle with their response time
  • Our Load Testing approach determines your system’s behavior under both ordinary and expected peak load conditions
  • Our expert team analyzes and identifies the maximum operating capacity of an application and components that cause degradation

Our Load Testing Tool Expertise

Why choose Sun Technologies for Load Testing?

  • Load generation strategy simulated to realistic traffic designs from numerous ISPs for all customer-facing applications, on-demand from the cloud
  • In-house Subject Matter Experts to give profound analysis and suggestions
  • Flexible load testing Team
  • Adaptable team availability to meet the load testing requirements at the customer side

Case studies

Case studies

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