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Automated API Testing – Simplified via Sun Technologies’ API Automation

Our Expertise in API Testing

API Testing Services

Sun Technologies ensures that all components of your application work together smoothly.

Delivering robust and accurate API testing services

With increased use of APIs across systems within an organization & external organizations, these APIs and their integrations need to be tested to ensure that software applications interact and act the way they are designed. API testing is critical to ensuring that all components of an application work together smoothly.

API is the set of tools, protocols, standards, and code that glues our digital world together. APIs allow companies to work together in an integrated way.

Sun Technologies’
QA CoE Focuses On
API Testing
With The Following Goals
  • Determining whether the developed APIs meet expectations such as application functionality, reliability, performance and security while also revealing the bugs, inconsistencies and deviations from the expected application behavior
  • Ensure that the correct API testing procedure, tools and solution are in place before the execution of the API Test

Our API Testing Services Approach

We test API’s response at both the service level and at the integration level to ensure an accurate response

Understanding and document the API

The process involves documentation of all API specifications based on the API testing requirements (e.g., importing the required entity).

Create test suites

Our testers start writing custom test scenarios using powerful API tools that allow the tester to cover all the non-functional testing.

Analyze the results

Our results include the Console Log, the record of the raw request & response, certificates, and error logs from scripts.

How We Work With You

Requirement Analysis

Build robust test Strategy

Automated validation

Our Key Principles of API Testing

Validate the accuracy of API responses and data

We follow a strategic and defined process in parameter selection

Our API gives more security and compliance for application with API security checklist

We achieve operational efficiency by following best issue analysis and troubleshooting in the verification

Flexible to support multiple languages

Revenue optimization in application management

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for API Testing Services?

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Case studies

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