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Driving Business Transformation through Intelligence Automation

IT Automation

Sun Technologies’ IT Automation services help you leverage an on-demand, elastic, business aligned IT platform – a stepping stone towards enhanced business outcomes

Sun Technologies adopts the latest technology and take a holistic approach to drive innovation, process streamlining and improve productivity.  We elevate business value by providing competitive edge across many industry verticals such as banking, automobile and manufacturing sectors.

IT Automation Work Flow Diagram

IT Automation Services - Sun Technologies

Sun Technologies makes life easier for customers by automating IT infrastructure. 


 Areas we Offer IT Automation

Network automation

Backup automation

Scalability automation

Failover automation

Security automation

Storage automation

Ticket automation

Customized automation

Key Benefits of IT Automation

  • Reduced Cost and Eliminate Human Errors
  • Improved Operation Efficiency
  • Faster response to mission-critical system problems
  • Better Collaboration and Improved Productivity
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Case studies

Case studies

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