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Discover how our technology partnerships are driving rapid innovation at scale.

Go Beyond RPA and Embrace Hyperautomation Automate at the speed of business.

If you find yourself dedicating significant time to legacy processes daily, our experts can guide you towards a proven approach that transcends surface-level automation. Going beyond the limitations of RPA, our experts create workflows that harness existing software/tools for seamless automation with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our solution architects specialize in automating every repetitive task through a fusion of Smart Workflow Tools, RPA, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Cognitive Agents. Leveraging our proficiency in the Workato Platform, we are transforming the automation landscape with innovative low-code deployments.

Join us for a live demonstration to witness how we seamlessly integrate API-led Automation, workflow automation, and RPA, offering you the best of all worlds. Let us show you how to achieve the next level of automation efficiency.


Trusted AWS Managed Services Migrate mainframe workloads and apps to AWS with zero business impact.

As a preferred AWS Managed Service Provider, we play a pivotal role in facilitating the transition of mainframe workloads and applications to AWS, ensuring minimal business disruption.

Our expertise extends to aiding Fortune 1000 companies in the modernization of their IT infrastructure and enhancing end-user experiences through the AWS Cloud. We are highly regarded for our demonstrated proficiency in legacy platform retirement, coupled with seamless data migration, making us a sought-after partner for Mainframe Modernization projects. This includes COBOL application upgrades, code re-factoring, migration, and ongoing maintenance, all powered by the robust capabilities of the AWS Cloud.

Our Cloud Architects bring extensive hands-on experience to the table, adept at deploying a diverse range of database management systems. Discover how our proven competence in AWS-powered Workload Migration and Application Development is effectively reducing deployment costs for our esteemed clients.



Mainframe Modernization 

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  • AI-Powered Scriptless Test Automation Get a bonus IntelliSWAUT tool to address all your coding and refactoring challenges. Avail a bundled Testing Automation service packaged with every deliverable.

Automation and Mainframe Modernization Use Cases

Our Bots are helping run over 40 automations for 20,000 to 120,000 jobs a month and saving about 6,500 human hours of human effort.
Our workflow automation layer helps save 800 hours of labor spent on contract auditing every day and processes about 10,000 pages of documents per month.  
AI Test Automation converted 50,000+ mainframe COBOL lines to 10,000 lines JAVA program, delivering a flawless app hosted in a hybrid cloud.  
Scriptless Test Automation enabled migration of complex applications to an extremely efficient and cost-effective opensource platform.

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