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Delivering Accessibility Testing Services for Your Website and Mobile App

Our Area of Expertise in ADA Testing

Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility is about corporate social responsibility and social justice. Sun Technologies’ team of experts can quickly make your website WCAG / ADA compliant. 

Transform your business with the help of our end-to-end Accessibility solutions

Sun Technologies Accessibility testing services help our customers get a competitive edge by reducing risks and avoiding lawsuits & associated costs.

Our capabilities include maximizing the total addressable market, improving organic rankings by enhancing content and code, and engaging directly with physically challenged users. Our ready-made ADA Jumpstart kit (Manual Test cases and Automation scripts) provides digital accessibility benefits to your business and enable competitive advantage.

Our Digital Accessibility Best Practices
  • Lead to webpages that are highly compatible with search engine spiders, resulting in the highest possible organic search rankings
  • Produce sites, pages and code that have better structure and text-based content for potential indexing by search engines

Our Accessibility Testing Services Approach

Our three-layered approach to test and validate the accessibility of any application is as follows:

Manual Analysis

Automated Scan

Fix Inputs

Manual Analysis

We use the right assistive tools from the workbench to analyze the scan reports and run through the manual checklists

WCAG Level 2 compliance will outperform market competitors by 50%


Establish enforceable legal standards for digital accessibility, leading to a “GDPR moment” in which businesses scramble to achieve compliance

Automated Scan

Run Accessibility Scanners to carry out basic level of accessibility testing services

Fix Inputs

Once compliance failures have been identified, we perform the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for the failed scenarios and recommend fixes

Model your Enterprise digital accessibility program after a digital accessibility champion like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft

How We Work With You

Requirement Analysis

Build Robust Test Strategy

Automated Validation

Sun Technologies’ Accessibility Testing Process Includes

accessibility testing process

Our Key Principles of Accessibility Testing

Sun Technologies’ Robust,
& Feature-rich
Accessibility Solutions Include

Manual Testing

Sun Technologies delivers manual accessibility testing services performed by a team of expert consultants. Our experts test all possible test scenarios and detect false positives that automated testing tools fail to notice. Our manual testing process considers both WCAG 2.1 and website code to remediate your highest-traffic pages, sections, and templates of a website, evaluate and update the color palette. We recommend implementing an accessibility toolbar wherever necessary.


Automated Testing 

Sun Technologies provides Automated-testing services that test a web page’s content to realize whether user experience attributes are met in web content. We use automated testing tools for ADA and Section 508 compliance (WCAG 2.1 AA), such as Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), WAVE, WorldSpace, SortSite Accessibility Validator, and aXe. Our ADA automation experts use the latest automated testing tools to evaluate accessibility. Our team of manual ADA testing experts find false positives and test your site quickly to report for remediation.

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for Accessibility Testing Services?

  •  Title tags are the first point of entry for search engines and screen readers
  • Clear header tags establish content hierarchy
  • Descriptive ALT text provides context for users and keywords for search engines
  • Video transcripts help your video get indexed
  • Enhance your brand image

Case studies

Case studies