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Integrating the culture of Security as Code within DevOps


Sun Technologies is one of the few leading providers of the DevSecOps end-to-end consulting services. Our consultants are specialized in evaluating, implementing and supporting our clients’ DevSecOps initiatives, from simple to complex IT projects at the enterprise level.

We produce tailored DevSecOps platforms integrating security into areas such as build automation, test automation, deployment automation, monitoring, environment management and others.

Speed without Compromising on Security

DevSecOps Speed without compromising on Security

Five Features Speak the Successful Implementation of DevSecOps

  • Mandatory security at every stage
  • Thorough Assessment before security
  • Security-related changes right at the code level
  • Automation of all possible processes
  • Continuous monitoring through alerts and dashboards

Business Benefits of DevSecOps

  • Automatic Securing of Code
  • Increased efficiency & product quality
  • Continuous Security Enablement
  • Leveraging Security Resources
  • Increased Collaboration

Case studies

Case studies

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