All-In-One Scriptless Test Automation Solution!

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Sun Technologies’ Scriptless Test Automation Solution

AI -powered Scriptless Test Automation tool

IntelliSWAUT - Scriptless Test Automation Tool

Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT is a scriptless test automation tool that will address the coding challenges, script maintenance, and results execution and analysis while reducing your time-to-market by more than 70% of what you are spending in today’s selenium and appium world.

Our AI-empowered scriptless test automation tool solves all your test automation challenges

Run test automation for functional, Database, API, and Windows at a rate 5x faster than the leading process.

Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT is an in-house readily available business user friendly intelligent codeless Test Automation tool developed for process automation on diversified components like Web, Windows, mobile applications as well as API & Web services

Business Challenges Enterprises
Face in Automation – IntelliSWAUT is the right solution

  • How can I justify the high upfront investment in automation to my management?
  • What could be the ROI for implementing IntelliSWAUT Automation?
  • I’m looking for a tool to address and resolve all my automation requirements such as mobile, functional, DB validations, and UI and web services automation. Is it available in the market?
  • I’m not sure whether my Application is ready for automation?
  • Why should I go for IntelliSWAUT? 

You don’t need to hire automation experts to ensure high-quality automation results.

IntelliSWAUT helps streamline your software development to deliver efficient products super fast. The no-code tool helps you deliver software efficiently by increasing the reusability and reducing the need for scripting. Your teams can now focus on high-level tasks that add business value with increased collaboration and innovation.

No Programming knowledge required

You can develop Test Automation scripts without any prior knowledge of the programming languages

All-in-one solution

IntelliSwaut covers the whole software development cycle, from test generation to test reporting

Faster Automation

The no-code tool transforms test automation for modern delivery and streamlines SDLC

Rapid time-to-market

The testing teams can automate massive test suites rapidly. The rapid delivery and the faster time-to-market minimizes the time spent on automation.

Increased test reusability

It maximizes the scope of test reusability. The AI technology allows you to get more value through automation than ever before.

If you have IntelliSwaut, You have everything covered!

Features of IntelliSWAUT

Develop intelligent codeless tests with IntelliSWAUT
Develop Business process Test Actions with simple clicks
Customize IntelliSWAUT according to your needs
Manage your Test Suits, and reports on centralized Server
Secure your valuable Test Data in DB
Integrate with your convenient Bug tracking and CD/CI tool

Why choose IntelliSwaut?

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Scriptless Test Automation Solution with AI

IntelliSWAUT – Scriptless Test Automation Solution

Sun Technologies’ scriptless Test Automation tool improved a global Gaming App Performance by 68%

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