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Sun Technologies’ Codeless Test Automation Tool


  • Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT is a codeless test automation tool that will address the coding challenges, script maintenance, and results execution and analysis while reducing your time-to-market by more than 70% of what you are spending in today’s selenium world
  • Develop Test Automation scripts without any prior programming language knowledge
  • IntelliSWAUT is a scriptless continuous testing automation platform to develop test automation for functional, Database, API, and Windows test automation at a rate 5x faster than the leading process

Features of IntelliSWAUT

Features of IntelliSWAUT - Sun Technologies

Why choose Sun Technologies?

  • One-stop-shop for all QA services
  • Cutting edge tools and strategies to ensure maximum product quality in a limited timeline
  • Uniquely-trained specialists to fit into any phase of the project
  • 24/7X365 availability to customers
  • 300+ readily available reusable methods.

Case studies

Case studies

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