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Non-Functional Testing Services

Sun Technologies’ Non Functional testing services are designed to give you an important edge in the areas of Security, Performance, Usability, Compatibility and Data Quality. Our dedicated testing team of experts, incorporate the best tools, methods and brain power to put these testing techniques to work for you. 

Our Services Include

Performance Testing

Our experts write test scripts to measure application performance under different load conditions and to simulate real-world volumes (peak, average, low) ranging from data, network traffic, servers, etc.

Security Testing

The compelling security testing services provided by Sun Technologies helps to ensure your applications are secure and compliant with rigid security standards. Our comprehensive services include vulnerability assessments, penetrating testing, code reviews and audits.

Compatibility Testing

Sun Technologies helps verify that the application chosen by the end user is as expected and compatible across different OSs, browsers, platforms and functions.

Data Quality Validation

Our extensive data quality validation solutions deliver superior business outcomes and ROI. Through data validation, data profiling and monitoring, data cleaning, and data management, we help improve the quality of client data.

Usability Testing

Our experienced UI/UX testers evaluate user experience, information architecture, content, interaction design of the application. We ensure that the application is easy to use and meets customer expectations and intentions.

Load Testing

We deliver load testing services for applications across various technologies and domains, that include client-server applications, web-based n-tier applications, and SOA based solutions.

Business Benefits of Non-Functional Testing

Enhance the performance of the application
Increase the level of security
Ensure that the system performs according to the user’s expectations
Improve the user experience
Many Industry verticals resources to meet your business needs
Prevent potential loss to the company.

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