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Sun Technologies’ Network Monitoring Tool – SNMT


  • Sun’s Network Monitoring Tool is a network and infrastructure monitoring solution that allows you to quickly identify and prevent problems and optimize your IT infrastructure
  • Sun Technologies maintains a strong team of developers and engineers who are capable of resolving client issues by providing the best resolutions reflecting the latest industry technologies
Sun Network Monitoring Tool

Features of SNMT

  • Front End Dashboard: Be the first to know about the system/service disruption and act upon it before even the user/device is affected. Front end dashboard gives a clear sight of the system/service malfunction just in a glance
  • Notifications: On an event of a system/service malfunction visual and audible alerts can be set up to get the administrators attention
  • Navigation: Navigating through the front end dashboard for an insight of the system/service disruption is as easy as a few clicks
  • Devices under Monitor: Any Network device, Any Server, any application can be monitored using this tool. Ex. Windows client machines, Printers, Any IP devices, Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Site to Site connectivity, Internet Links, UPS systems and much more
  • Flexibility: Nagios open source monitoring system provides us flexibility of monitoring nearly any device and any service
  • Technical Complexity: Technical expertise is needed to configure this monitoring tool, one should know what exactly to monitor. However, no technical expertise is needed to navigate through the dashboard and understanding the alerts/events
  • Sun Technologies IT personnel: A Robust and effective monitoring system needs a better understanding of the IT infrastructure. We being best managed Service provider have such expertise to understand any kind of infrastructure and to simplify the monitoring system.

Why choose Sun Technologies?

  • Graphical resource utilization weekly or monthly reports and Top 10 alerts in graphs
  • Time alerts with 1-min gaps, Syncs remote host & server and Time checks using TCP / UDP
  • Scalable monitoring easily,100% overview of devices and View & resolve n/w issues

Case studies

Case studies

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