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Experience our Quality Assurance strategies across the software development cycle

QA Consulting Services

Over 15+ years of experience in software QA consulting services, Sun Technologies has developed the expertise and the core skills for our QA experts to step in to help brands detect QA problems and set up or remold project processes to ensure quality is observed at each SDLC stage.

Optimize your QA process with our top-notch QA consulting services

We review the existing QA processes and optimize them for a product, a particular project, or an entire organization.

Our QA Consulting services is one of the most matured consulting practices that follow the industry-leading TMMi (adapted CMMi) process, model. This model has been tailored to define the best-fit QA organization/structure for a software enterprise.


Sun Technologies’ tried and tested Get-Set-Go model towards QA Consulting helps organization to streamline their QA process by focusing on People, Process and Technology


Case studies

Case studies