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End-to-end RPA solutions to boost enterprise productivity and efficiency










RPA Services

We help organizations accelerate performance, bring real value, and increase RoI through our intelligent process automation services.

Enhanced business agility & efficiency

Accelerated release cycles lead to efficient business operations

Robust Operations

Ability to manage 100% spikes of tasks and train bots efficiently to deliver a new level of scalability and flexibility

Greater value

More innovation on decision making that needs communication, judgment, and interpretation


Ample reduction in manual errors with maximized productivity and profit

Automate everything to transform your business digitally and elevate business efficiency

Our bots, your workforce

Our 360-degree RPA excellence from initial assessment, design, RPA CoE, strategy, and maintenance in enhancing productivity and achieving operational results allows organizations to reduce mundane and redundant manual tasks.

Industries we excel in RPA


Automated accounts payable, closure processes, enabling KYC and compliance, Credit card and mortgage processing, Fraud detection and much more.


Processing claims, registration process, regulatory compliance, Risk mitigation and much more.



Automating accounts, managing large volumes of patients records, entry processing, claims processing and much more.



Automating Bill of Materials, Data Migration, ERP automation and much more.



Automatic inventory monitoring, email sales, extraction of critical information from manufacturer website and much more.

65% quicker with improved customer services 

75% faster with improved quality and accuracy

50% savings on FTE  with increased throughput & quality

40% savings in operational costs via automation

45% savings in operational costs via automation


Payroll processing, Invoice Processing, Tracking accounts and much more.


Automating pricing and quoting, managing orders and much more.

Human Resources

Updating employee information, new hire recruitment & onboarding, vendor onboarding and much more.


Software installations, Data migrations, Creation of online access credentials and much more.


Automatically implementing subcontractor forms, verification processes, daily reports automation and much more.

75% accelerated delivery with accuracy and quality

75% faster with improved quality and accuracy

70% drop on manual effort via RPA 

60% reduction in effort and mean time to resolution

75% reduction in cycle times with accelerated delivery

Best Practices

  • Efficient collaboration from initial planning to deployment
  • Continuous monitoring and enhancement with 24/7 support
  • Continuous evaluation to measure our performance and stay up-to-date
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unique perspective as both consultants and experts of our own CoE
  • Agile with hyperautomation culture

Our RPA Approach

Sun Technologies can bring your thought processes to life with the next-gen digital tech stack!


Our experts collaborate with companies to help them achieve 100% success via advanced automation. Our RPA offerings take a value-driven powered with intelligent technology approach. We identify the right solutions for your business that need automation with efficient collaboration.


We design the requirement workflow and implement it with the right tools. We follow a transparency model focusing on more innovation with reduced costs and increased operational outcomes.


We help unlock considerable business opportunities and accelerate innovation at scale. We enable organizations to scale with our offering such as 24/7 assistance, bot management, disaster recovery, customized notifications & more.

Our RPA Implementation Framework

RPA Process automation
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RPA Experts
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RPA Tools Expertise

Sun Technologies’ Robust,
& Feature-rich

RPA Services


  • World-class experts to manage enterprise-wide RPA functions leveraging our CoE framework
  • Proven expertise

RPA Consulting

  • Create and identify processes that require automation
  • Suggest tools that best fit your business landscape
  • Streamline your productivity, and build a roadmap for automation rollout

Custom RPA Solutions

  • Intelligent automation with AI/ML technologies
  • The value-driven business process automation approach
  • Simplify, optimize, automate and scale
  • 24/7 support

Our Tools Expertise

Try our RPA services to achieve


Reduction in manual effort




Reduction in cost of RPA

Why Sun Technologies for RPA Services?

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Case studies

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