• Staffing
    Changing Needs, Dynamic IT environment, demands a
    trusted Staffing partner to identify the right skills
    Find out how we help our customers by being a trusted Staffing partner.
  • Infrastructure
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    Transforming customers from being a
    “Vendor Manager to a Service Consumer”
    Find out how Sun Technologies innovative engagement model helps this transformation.
  • Gaming
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    Your users look for constant innovation in their socio-digital-fun lives
    Find out how our Gaming Services can help you stay on track with constant innovation
  • Application Development
    Customers are looking to keep their software production costs low
    Find out how our Software Development services can help in Faster Time to Market
  • Testing
    Robust QA process & Testing assures end-user satisfaction
    Find out how our Independent Testing services can help you improve
    your product quality
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  • Big Data Analytics
    Customers are looking for Simple Data Analytics
    to succeed in their business
    Find out how our Data Analytics solutions can help you win!!
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Staff Augmentation


Infrastructure Services


Application Development


Testing Services


Big Data Analytics


Gaming Services





Why choose Sun Technologies

  • Process Excellence - ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 Certified

  • Customer Centric Execution Model

  • Best-in-Class Software Engineering, HR and Information Security Practices