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Case Study

Redefine Rebate Processing, Read Receipt Information Automatically for a Leading Retailer across USA

Whom we worked with

Our customer is a successful product and service company with a respected and established brand in the mobility and barcode solution industry, with over 28 years of experience.

Our Solution

  • Parse receipts and send the desired result in a web service to the customer
  • A framework was created with information on the various customer retail stores to facilitate accessibility and to determine the receipt of a particular store
  • Proposed a “MVC” architecture by enhancing the performance of the system
  • Automated test cases that compared the parsed receipts with the actual receipts to determine the accuracy of the developed application
  • The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology was used to convert receipts to a text format for parsing


  • A faster process where receipts are read more quickly and accurately since the processing and approval of rebates has been slower due to manual intervention
  • To reduce the cost of the reading receipts process
  • To overcome the challenges of various format and data receipts


  • Customer was provided with the first phase of the application work to understand the technology used behind the application
  • Customer feedback and approval for the application developed

How we helped

  • Understand the challenges involved to read the receipts in accurate format irrespective of store and data
  • Created a process to define which receipts belongs to which store and parse them accordingly
  • Dedicated offshore team to support the application developed
  • Check the compatibility throughout with standardizing JAVA as the development language