All-In-One Scriptless Test Automation Solution!

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Case Study

Sun Technologies' scriptless Test Automation tool improved a global Gaming App Performance by 68%

Whom we worked with

Our Customer is a global leader in the gaming and lottery industries, and their mission is to empower  customers by creating the world’s best gaming and lottery experiences

Our Solution

  • Provided the open-source scriptless automation tool – IntelliSWAUT
  • Added all framework related actions of windows, API database, and Web application
  • Accelerated knowledge transition
  • Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Perfectly synchronized on-site/offshore set up
  • High Test Coverage
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Deployed the tool in an organization server which is accessed across the company with proper user roles assigned to users
  • Designed and implemented  comprehensive reusable test cases


  • Insufficient regression testing coverage using a manual approach
  • No Dedicated QA automation team and hence no QA process followed
  • With new architecture and a lack of sufficient testing knowledge, the client was struggling to achieve end-to-end test coverage. Testing the new architecture early in the development cycle was also something the client was grappling to get it right.


  • Reduced testing life cycle time
  • Increased test coverage to 100%
  • Record time product releases
  • Increased automation case development
  • Our test automation framework countered the lack of automation in the sprint cycles. With our tool-agnostic test automation framework, we achieved 100% in-sprint automation for the client’s web and mobile applications, while increasing the test automation coverage by 55%
  • Using the scriptless automation tool reduced 60% of script development time
  • Test automation resulted in regression run test reduction from 40 hours to 6 hours

How we helped

  • Assessed the requirements, tools, and processes involving automated testing and created almost all the re-usable actions related to API, database, Web, and windows applications
  • Over 536 test automation scripts developed so far for with end-to-end test scenario
  • Developed cability to run test automation scripts in parallel or distributed from the tool by selecting the different machines
  • Provided a Dashboard to control all the aspects of test automation like creating actions, test cases, scenarios, and execute test cases by selecting machines, etc