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Customer satisfaction – Guaranteed!! Check how we perform Acceptance testing…

Our Expertise in Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing Services

Sun Technologies’ rigorous testing process and deep domain knowledge ensures application system meets the User Acceptance Criteria defined by the Business Analysts/Users and is ready for production.

Fuel up your business with our cost-effective and high-quality User Acceptance Testing services

Sun Technologies User Acceptance Testing Services help our customers gain positive results by blending our expertise in the product, domain, testing, and automation skills. We provide cost-effective and efficient quality assurance services for your implemented software systems.

Our professional QA analysts verify and validate your systems whether it has met the user requirements and business processes in a dynamic UAT environment by applying the best and most excellent advanced testing tools and methods.

Our Acceptance Testing
Best Practices
  • Improves client satisfaction as our UAT services give confidence that the software will meet the accepted scope
  • Assures quality and brand reputation
  • Reduce unnecessary cost during testing processes

Our User Acceptance Testing Services Approach

Project Charter

Our planning phase includes a project requirements report, process execution diagrams, a Business Requirements Document (BRD), and System Requirements Specification (SRS) validated during the testing process.

Test Plan Creation

A solid user acceptance test plan outlines the strategy used to verify that a system meets the business needs, documenting all test cases, testing timelines, and entry & exit criteria.

Test Cases Identification

Use business use cases to enhance the accuracy of our test cases and to achieve extended coverage.

Test Data Preparation

Write functional test cases & identifies test data

Test Case Execution and Recording Results

We use appropriate tools for execution, defect management, and documentation of tests.

Business Objective Confirmation

Getting Formal sign-off from users based on the End to End reporting of UAT

How We Work With You

Requirement Analysis

Build Robust Test Strategy

Automated Validation

Sun Technologies’ Acceptance Testing Process covers the below phases

  1. Business Requirement Analysis
  2. Acceptance Testing Test Plan Creation
  3. Test Cases Identification
  4. Test Data Preparation
  5. Test Case Execution and Recording Results
  6. Business Objectives Confirmation

Our Key Principles of Acceptance Testing


Flexibility and efficiency of use

Deliver comprehensive content and visually pleasant graphics

Apply necessary screen resolutions and consider various browsers design


Complete analysis and recommendations for performance improvements

Determining the most cost-effective way to improve the performance

Help users to have software product with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability


Deliver product meeting acceptance criteria

Share End-to-End testing documentation


Increase compatibility with existing and future technologies

Ensuring the system functions correctly in stressful environmental conditions

Robust Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) to fit your testing requirements

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for Acceptance Testing Services?

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