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Build a competitive advantage with Enterprise Architecture

Enable enterprise alignment, resilience, democratization, business agility, and responsiveness

enterprise architecture process

Build actionable, impactful, and measurable deliverables to achieve desired business outcomes

Modern technologies influence organizational behavior, operations, and global businesses during the ever-evolving world of digital demands. However, sustainability considerations and technological advancements are evolving parallelly to compete and overcome disruptions. The scope of enterprise architecture includes people, processes, and technology mapped with the collaboration factors. As a result, every organization today is looking for a differentiator to add value to their success. The enterprise architecture model streamlines enterprise strategy towards disruptions, optimizes operations, and enables companies to leverage the value of the business. 

To identify, align and achieve success, enterprises need to

Align business and technology

Maintain consistency in the technology landscape

Enable Collaboration, and interoperability

Manage flexibility and agility

Optimizing operations for scalability

Companies need to focus more on the following aspects to accomplish mission-critical priorities and optimize scalability.


Embrace architecture that is aligned with value-driven frameworks


Respond swiftly to business disruptions and change management Suggest a successful roadmap incorporated with business and operating model change to make smarter decisions


Enable the democratized organization to leverage architecture to support business teams, allow business values, and deliver products smoothly


Meet changing customer expectations by aligning with defined procedures


Offer EA as a service


Optimize and align targeted business results based on the business roadmap and relevant disruptions

Key Drivers for quality and speed

Digital Natives

Digital experience in the workforce enables teams to achieve higher level of technical competence

Anything as a service

The advancement of anything as a service delivery, cloud infrastructure, low-code/no-code, and AI-enabled development tools has eradicated the common obstacles and made digital work more seamless.

Democratized architecture framework

This method enables collaborative and mutually beneficial decision-making to maximize achievable outcomes.

Mesh app and service architecture

Enables organizations to create composable platform services

Innovations/ Opportunity areas for EA

Sun Technologies engage meaningfully with customers to drive its success - How?

We focus more on the following optimization areas to reap end-to-end benefits


Pilot technologies and create an experience with autonomous methodologies first to understand the limitations and needs (legal, technical, and cultural) that the enterprise is subjected to.


Build versatile task force to deliver agility and improve performance benefits


  • Adoption and continuous experimentation of Next-gen technologies and tools 
  • Ongoing intelligent recommendations to optimize business efficiency at scale


  • Future-proof business and architecture with value and engineering-driven resilience 

Transform/ Modernization

  • Reinvent legacy applications for an end-to-end digital paradigm

Deliver Excellence

  • Focus on building exceptional customer experiences across channels with design thinking 
  • Expand business innovation with quality engineering, DevOps, MLOPs, and the cloud revolution

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