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Job Details

Job Title
: Web/Data Systems Administrator
Required Skills
: Apache, Content Management Systems, CSS, Drupal, File Maker, FinalCut Pro, HTML, iDVD, iMovie, InDesign, iTunes, MySQL, PHP, Website Maintenance, Website Systems Administrator, Wordpress, XML
: 3 Months contract with possible extension

Job Description

Pay Range: $25-$31.25/hr. The pay rate may differ depending on your skills, education, experience, and other qualifications.

Featured Benefits: 

  • Medical Insurance in compliance with the ACA.
  • 401(k).
  • Sick leave in compliance with applicable state, federal, and local laws.

Intake Notes: 

  • The client is looking for a Systems Administrator to develop and write for front and backend processes using HTML/Wordpress/File Maker/PHP.
  • More Jr. resource with 2-3 years’ experience and a good writer.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • This position is responsible for development and management of Internet activities at the Center.
  • Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to active participant on the IT Team, HTML and PHP authoring and validation; web design; website, database, and server management and maintenance; development of interactive tools and applications.
  • Minimum academic level: college, or equivalent professional experience.
  • 5-8 years of experience
  • Content Management Systems (Drupal, WordPress)
  • Database software: FileMakerPro or similar database with web connectivity.
  • Web technologies (HTML, PHP, XML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Apache).
  • Print, video, and audio editing (InDesign, FinalCut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, iTunes).

Web, Database, and Server Development and Maintenance (Percentage – 70%; E/NE Essential)

  • Primarily responsible for web, database, and server development of project related information.
  • Performs HTML and PHP authoring and validation (quality assurance and technical compliance for maximum audience considerations).
  • Develops websites, graphic design, and ensures capability within constraints of the Internet (requires understanding of font, color, etc., across platforms).
  • Defines, modifies, and documents house style, striking a balance between the need for NCEMCH-wide consistency and the need for project identity.
  • Acts as a liaison with graphic artists, editors, subject specialists, and project staff.
  • Adheres to the conventions and etiquette of the web.
  • Guarantees URL portability (reviews the site for outdated information or links).
  • Ensures timely release of ready access information.
  • Responsible for quality and performance in close collaboration others on IT team and project staff.

Coordination of Technology-Based Information (Percentage – 10%; E/NE Essential)

  • Initiates and maintains effective communication with IT Team and project directors, keeping them abreast of important technologies, trends, and styles that could affect the project management and/or systems support.
  • Acts as a liaison between IT and project teams.
  • Translates requirements of project team into actionable items that can be implemented on the website and through databases.

Research (Percentage – 5%; E/NE Essential)

  • Learn new software and technologies according to project demands where appropriate.
  • Read field literature, learn new programming techniques, etc. to strengthen and maintain knowledge base for answering staff questions and identifying potential problems or benefits of technology.
  • Evaluate software and suggest changes or upgrades when applicable.
  • Provide IT Team members and project staff with current information, solutions, and suggestions to their questions and/or problems.

File Organization and Maintenance (Percentage – 5%; E/NE Essential)

  • Finds, creates and installs tools to create web content and check consistency.
  • Assists the Center Director in developing interactive applications and forms interlacing (integrating e-mail and listserv management with web access).
  • Troubleshoots web, database, and server-related issues.
  • Publicizes site: communicate with outside contributors/linkers.
  • Actively participates in the development of long-term development plans as a member of the IT Team.

Required Details

: 3 Years
Travel Required
: No
Clearance Required
: No

Contact Details

Contact person
: Anil Kumar
: 678-203-2570

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