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Case Study

Reimagining UI/UX for a large bank to modernize advance transfer processing and transactions


A large US-based community bank wanted to reimagine user experience offered to their network member banks and community lenders. Sun Technologies helped build an online platform that enables authorized users from member banks to remotely and securely obtain account balances and perform business transactions (Advances, Wire Transfers and Book Wires).

While the bank wanted to modernize online banking experience for the end-users using the latest technologies such as Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface, their legacy backend was built on Service Oriented Architecture Protocol (SOAP).  and the other with traditional frameworks. After examining the time taken by the techniques to render the web page to the user, and the availability and scalability of the software, we will understand the need for the new technologies in the banking and financial sectors.

The time taken by the legacy framework to render the web page to the user was a challenge that made the migration necessary. Modernizing, upgrading, and supporting the legacy applications is an extremely time-consuming, expensive, and risk-prone process. Sun Technologies helped the bank to connect the banks legacy data and framework with a modern UI/UX.

Our developers helped the client introduce new-age digital experiences that allowed the bank’s network of lender financial institutions to make advances to their local community of loan seekers. Faster transaction time required changing the operating model and migrating from an older tech stack to a new one. To fulfill this objective, Sun Technologies implemented – Angular (Frontend), Springboot (Backend/server side), Hibernate (ORM layer), Security (LDAP authentication).

Our Solution

  • Architected an intelligent frontend design strategy and migration roadmap
  • The new Frontend is more “human readable”, better performing, easier to debug, and easier to consume
  • The roadmap was used to connect the legacy data/framework with a modern UI/UX
  • Used REST APIs to enable silent login capabilities and assign user roles
  • The newly deployed connector layer offers different representations of the legacy resources including JSON, HTML, or similar
  • Implemented a modern navigation for the end-users, taking them on a pre-determined routing journey
  • This pre-determined user-action based journey is modernized with quick re-direction to the respective webpages and login pages
  • The new navigation which is mapped to the users needs, takes them to the respective reporting dashboards
  • The new mapped navigation is designed to help end-users access certain widgets on the re-directed pages
  • These widgets are integrated to hep the end-users perform financial calculations and analysis
  • The new modern front end has helped the bank to enhance their web-based internet banking portal
  • It has improved user experience and brought various functionalities such as transactions, wires, and advances, under a single dashboard
  • The customized portal is easy to use and provides intuitive navigation for user queries
  • Newly enabled functionalities help in automated report delivery to end customers


  • Slow and clunky dashboards, navigation, and log-in process for advance tranters
  • Inability of the legacy system to provide modern, intuitive features
  • Slow response time and clunky dashboards that look archaic
  • Frustration among end users as they are expecting better services
  • Legacy UI/UX impacted navigation and effected speed of information retrieval
  • Converting the legacy framework into a new modernized front-end
  • Integration with multiple third-party apps was essential for many widget-driven self-service features
  • The implementation team had to ensure business continuity while migration to the new tech stack is on-going


  • Seamless migration with zero-disruption and 100% business continuity
  • Launched alternate channel for accessing information and reports
  • Reduced steps and processing time of online transaction requests
  • Real-time postings for all reporting functions
  • 6X increase in transaction processing volumes since launch
  • 2X increase in new customers on-boarded by the bank
  • 400% surge in online customer traffic
  • Increase in revenues with new cross-selling opportunities

How we helped

  • We started the journey by spotlighting the need for operating model changes.
  • Next, we communicated with the organization’s core teams and prioritized the strategic actions.
  • Further, our experts built a digital roadmap that is secure and scalable in line with the digital strategy with reduced risk of non-compliance.
  • The team managed access control and permissions as per a new set of protocols as required by the bank
  • Our team re designed the entire portal and connect the legacy framework and data to the revamped new portfolio.
  • Finally, we helped them enhance their digital services, leading to exponential growth in core services revenue.
  • We also helped them address their digital priorities to enable growth in disconnected markets.

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