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Use Case

Intelligent documentation software for a hands-free and automated Contract Lifecycle Management

Key objectives you can fulfill

Eliminate financial loss:

Prevent revenue leakage – overpayments, dispute resolution, and support costs.

Eliminate off-contract spend:

Get more visibility to effectively manage spend and avoid spend leakage

Improve Compliance:

Reduce risk exposure, improve governance, comply with agreed terms

Faster contract cycles:

Close contracts faster, remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies

Improve customer experience:

Meet all contract SLAs to meet customer expectations


Example of Intelligent Document Automation in action

Our Solution

  • Effective supplier governance
  • Streamlined supplier performance monitoring
  • Set-up timely supplier reporting
  • Centralized contracts in a structured format to enable quick computation, validation, comparison, and analytics.
  • Automated obligations management, SL management, invoice auditing, and value tracking against contracted business case.
  • Enabled effective management of supplier risks and issues on a single platform
  • Enhanced compliance through automated compliance tracking


  • Compliance Management
  • Obligation Management
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Management
  • Relationship management
  • Essential reviews/approvals skipped for speed
  • Long approval cycles lead to delays
  • Tedious manual tasks result in errors and higher risks
  • Resubmissions for contract amendments often missed
  • Missing or incorrect customer, invoice data
  • Missing invoices or incorrect recipients
  • Poorly constructed invoices, invalid schema/format
  • Lack of visibility and tracking for internal teams

Impact you can on-board

  • 44% reduction in manual supplier governance efforts
  • 42% reduction in person days spent on manual contract management
  • 42% reduction in person days spent on manual Performance Management
  • 49% reduction in person days spent on manual Financial Management
  • 44% reduction in person days spent on manual Relationship Management

How we can help

  • Integrate the entire IT environment with the intelligent documentation program
  • Enable auto extraction, auto-intake, and auto-population of all the required information.
  • Integrate document automation workflow designer with different data sources including emails, ERP, CRM, CDP tools, files, folders, and shared storages
  • Enable the automation workflow to auto-generate parts of required content and data
  • Enable auto-generation to create POs, invoices, contract renewals, quotations, and more
  • Set up event-triggers, routing, and cascading workflows that mirror the documentation process
  • Create buttons in and collaboration tool, e.g. slack for a timely review and approvals
  • Create data map for data extraction from a tool e.g. Salesforce leading into an event trigger
  • Create audit tables to keep track of when and to whom any information is sent
  • Also track the progress or lifecycle of a contract and set up reminders for renewals, quality checks, etc.

Take a look at these high-priority workflows that are fit for document automation.

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