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Case Study

Blockchain API Loyalty Program: Empowering a Restaurant Chain to Launch Group Discount


We built a Cross-Border Payment and Remittance Network that helped customers as well as merchants to get cash from international transactions instantaneously. Our private Blockchain has helped many restaurants launch – Group Loyalty Points and Payment Redemption. It makes it possible to provide nearly instant verification of credentials for quick and easy cash transfers.

Key features of the group discounts activation:

We helped the client launch cross-border customer loyalty program for a restaurant chain

As a part of the program, customers and corporates were able join a group-discounts offer plan

Merchants/Restaurants could also give away eGiftcards that can be redeemed by customers

eGiftcards’ receivers could redeem it over luncheon, dine out and breakfast outings 

Encourages customers to form groups centred around a sales-goal milestone.

Gamifies the whole experience and push the entire group towards achieving the sales milestone.

Launches a front-end that give the customer a collective experience of reaching the group target.

Enables sharing for the participants to promote the group deal to everyone in their network.

Empowers the participants to invite and enlarge their social circle of participant peers.

Makes sure every participant gets the deal once the milestone is completed.

Our Solution

  • Instant payments were enabled by APIs that connected to an international smart chain
  • It enables merchants to easily launch their own QR Codes to accept payments
  • All that the end-customers had to do was scan the QR code and begin their rewards journey
  • Provides easy tools that allows the merchant to create, sell & track your eGiftCards
  • Enables a quick and easy scan and redemption of the eGiftCards with a QR code
  • Allows sending and receiving money with competitive rates for merchants and customers
  • Enables customers to create QR codes of loyalty points to be redeemed at the POS
  • Empowers the merchant to launch exclusive app that can be used by customers to scan QR codes at stores


  • Restaurants/Merchants wanted instant cash flow experiences
  • Customer wanted to have a real-time view of their engagement scores
  • Having real-time data on the group participants as a ledger folio was required
  • Customers wanted to send gift cards to family & friends with a few clicks
  • Merchants required a platform to launch new eGiftcards easily
  • Merchants and customers both needed a platform that allows to pay and receive cash

How we Helped

  • Blockchain Developers created data-syncs to enable reward point entry in customers’ ledgers
  • Blockchains were deployed to ensure quick customer points validation and cash-back settlements
  • These Blockchains enabled real-time, cross-border settlements for highly-engaged customers
  • We helped tokenize rewards for consumers and merchants to access the value in them
  • We built a system that helps the merchant set transaction milestones and milestones
  • For every customer ledger the system shows how and when they can redeem physical goods
  • The system provided real-time view of the engagement scorecards and the value they hold
  • Transaction fees was lowered by connecting to an instant settlement network of issuers
  • The Network of issuers formed a private Blockchain to which the Payment Wallet and QR scanning was connected
  • A Blockchain API enabled easy exchange of data across the private Blockchain to easily verify customer credentials and rewards eligibility
  • As per the currency settlement requirements, API auto-routes payment requests to a pre-defined set of issuers

The Impact

  • 300% uptick in new users from referrals in 45 days
  • eGiftcards referral launch enabled in 3 months
  • Integration with multiple third-party applications, websites, mobile applications, and POS solutions
  • API ability to handle 5,000+ concurrent API calls with response time under 1 second
  • Payment request in multiple currencies made possible by the private Blockchain

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