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Use Case

Automate Pricing Computation and Optimization for SKUs with AI for Inventory Scenario Planning


A typical challenge faced by most retail manufacturers is often due to information being captured differently by their field service management software, ERP, and CRM. Due to an absence of cohesion between different systems, most Retail and FMCG manufacturing companies can’t identify clients, respond to changes in the demand, or address customer trends on time.

Sun Technologies’ solution architects are partners to some of the largest retailers in the US for solving this problem. Our experts are able to show retailers how a mixed bag of technology can be made more cohesive using workflow automation to distinguish between – active customer interest, customer demand, online buyers, and payers.

Our award-winning RPA solution is helping top Fortune 500 companies to accelerate the following:

Financial Planning

Resource Allocation

Expense Control

Performance Evaluation

Decision Making

Goal Alignment

Cash Flow Management

Contingency Planning

Demand Planning

Inventory Management

Production Scheduling

Resource Allocation

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Budgeting and Financial Planning

New Product Launch

Campaign plans

Replace or automate human touch with robotic bots and software at significantly lower costs. Join us for a quick-sprint workshop that will leave you inspired with real RPA use cases that will – Reduce turnaround times by 80%, improve productivity using the same resources by 200%, reduce spending on IT resource and licensing by 50%.

Our Solution

  • The new system is much more efficient and easier to develop and maintain. The on-boarding process for new clients is also now much easier and faster.
  • Our initial diagnosis can reveal opportunities in automating spreadsheet inputs that can result in incorrect invoicing, inaccurate inventory reporting, discrepancies in deal pricing, and wrong shipping details.
  • A rigorous order management system can be easily set-up for non-technical users using automated, multi-level interventions and workflow routing
  • Cascading workflows were created to ensure that data entered once need not require manual input in another system, once again
  • Implemented one source of the truth to view all historical data related to sales, supply-chain, customer segments, and more
  • Placed predictive algorithms for analysing the impact of price change, discounts, and stocks in transit or in production
  • Implement algorithms to enable effective assortment planning and tailoring inventories to meet the demand of specific customer segments
  • Enable end-to-end visibility by combining all ERP, CRM, and data spread over different tools you can significantly reduce lead-times


  • Product portfolio restructuring is done by combining multiple spreadsheets manually
  • Poor master data management was causing mistakes in demand planning
  • Retail operations either faced excessive inventory or had to deal with stockouts
  • Inability to take timely decisions for pricing change or to ensure sufficient stocks
  • Orders valued in millions are placed on hold monthly due to manual order management
  • Losses due to manual process for refactoring stock availability after order cancellations

How we can help

  • By deploying AI-driven models, you can identify optimal product offers for category or SKU bundle
  • Automate the analysis of data such as past sales, customer demographics, and competitor offerings
  • We can help you to established a governance framework that will help devise forecasting strategies based on your profit objectives and thresholds
  • Upgrade to microservices and leverage the cloud. This will bring all critical data and visibility in one place
  • Create forecasting and data views that are easy to maintain while handling large data volumes
  • Because the demand calculation flow consists of particular ‘steps’, our experts can separate existing logic and created a microservice for each one
  • Connect and integrate data that’s spread in systems such as – AWS, SAP, Oracle, Tally, Outlook, G-Suite, Sharepoint, and more
  • Data from files will be divided into chunks that are sent and processed using user validations as required by the business
  • We will also develop an internal balancer that ensures messages are processed using logic and database as required

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