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Automate Budgeting and Forecasting in FMCG and Retail


We specialize in automating Demand Forecasting and CAPEX/ OPEX Planning for diverse industries. Our solution architects are building automation layers that pull data from e-mails, POS, CRM, CDP, ERP, warehouses, documents, files, folders, and any device – to create automated forecasting & planning workflows.

Without proper financial models and technology in place, it is hard for business leaders to keep a track of overhead and business costs. Sun Technologies’ workflow automation layering and data connectors represent the fastest way to gain valuable insight into how its business activities impact the bottom line.

Our award-winning RPA solution is helping top Fortune 500 companies to accelerate the following:

Financial Planning

Resource Allocation

Expense Control

Performance Evaluation

Decision Making

Goal Alignment

Cash Flow Management

Contingency Planning

Demand Planning

Inventory Management

Production Scheduling

Resource Allocation

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Budgeting and Financial Planning

New Product Launch

Campaign plans

Replace or automate human touch with robotic bots and software at significantly lower costs. Join us for a quick-sprint workshop that will leave you inspired with real RPA use cases that will – Reduce turnaround times by 80%, improve productivity using the same resources by 200%, reduce spending on IT resource and licensing by 50%.

Our Solution

  • Automate enterprise-wide data consolidation made possible by ETL (extract, transform, load) process integration
  • Enable collaboration between the finance team and the operations team
  • Complete training and hand-holding assistance for all budget owners using the forecasting template
  • Implement a monthly rolling forecasting system to replace a static budgeting process
  • Enable scenario modelling by ensuring timely sales, costs, and revenue inputs from different business lines
  • Get dedicate experts to ensure all non-technical users learn to do their part I the automation workflow action triggers and next steps
  • Consolidate the entire transaction database covering millions of transactions, pricing values, locations, SKUs, and business lines
  • Get an innovative layer that consolidates transaction-level details from multiple models into a whole new analytical representation


  • Considerable overhead costs and no visibility to allocate the cost out to each business line
  • Manual dependency to input data from different teams – Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.
  • Manual tracking of the entire budgeting lifecycle from scratch
  • Manual pulling of data from disparate systems and databases
  • Manual routing of spreadsheet to other team members for validation
  • Multiple spreadsheet versions and inability to collaborate
  • Inability to do accurate forecast scenario modelling
  • Manual mapping of data sets to run comprehensive reports
  • Manual currency conversions and lack of ownership
  • Cost of employing resources to import, export, and input such data

Our experts will help uncover key forecasting and budgeting processing opportunities based on:

  • Current state of affairs and the IT landscape
  • Understanding of how many different tools and apps different users navigate to get any required information
  • How many exchange of hands takes place and how many manual dependencies are there for any type of forecast
  • System limitations/ Accounting process improvements required
  • Current Budgeting/Forecasting Process
  • Understanding current reporting tools and how it is used for manual spreadsheet and email, and/or chat driven reporting and report sharing
  • Financial Operations Pain Points and Difficulties with the use of spreadsheets

Our forecasting automation implementation approach

  • We use our expertise of legacy systems to recommend the most cost-optimized way for realizing automation
  • We use our expert diagnosis to quickly gain an understanding of your multiple business lines, budget owners, and the different tools used to collect data
  • We analyze the manual dependencies in your process to get the required information for cash-flow forecasting

Download Complete Forecasting, Budgeting, and Demand Planning Checklist for FMCG
and Retail Leaders

The top choice of Fortune 500 Finance and Operations leaders.

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