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Top business benefits enterprises can achieve by implementing CI/CD pipeline

In conventional software development processes, releases recur at regular intervals for every small feature update.  The chances of integration at the time of deployment increases in these approaches. Eventually, the problem starts to grow, leaving more challenges for the whole team because of the manual processes. It becomes more prone to human error. CI/CD solves all these issues and makes the entire process more efficient and manageable.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is the pillar of developing, testing, and implementing applications to production in present-day software development practices. CI/CD plays a vital role in assisting development and many other teams. CI reduces the risks and allows production consistency by automating multiple code changes from different project developers. And also, CD enables developers to provide the integrated code to production smoothly. It delivers a fast and efficient automated process to release new features and updates to clients without hurdles.

CI/CD has now become an essential part of modern software development approaches. This article analyses the top benefits of the CI/CD pipeline.

Easy Code Integration

One of the technical benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery is that it enables you to integrate small pieces of code quickly. These code modifications are easier to manage. Also, it contains fewer issues that may require a fix at a later date.

 As soon as the code is pushed into the code repository, the testing starts using continuous testing. This allows developers to understand the problem before the completion of so much work. The communication between the teams gets improvised by this methodology. It is suitable for larger development teams who work remotely and those who work in-house.

Reduced Changes & Review Time

Code modifications done in such an environment minimizes the risk of unexpected consequences.  The changes are easy to manage and fix if any issues pop up.  Once integration takes place, using CI/CD, one can test these code changes rapidly. This methodology is very beneficial when direct communication is not possible or when teams work across remote locations.

Faster Bug Detection and Easier Implementation

Fault isolation defines the practice of designing systems. When an error occurs, the negative results are limited in scope. Limiting the range of issues minimizes the potential for damage and makes systems more comfortable to maintain.

 CI/CD ensures faster fault isolation to detect and easier implementation. Fault isolations comprise monitoring the system, finding when the fault occurred, and triggering its location.  Thereby, it reduces the bugs occurring in the application.

Improves Test Quality

CI/CD enhances the test reliability and quality because of the bite-size and specific changes implemented to the system. It allows teams to perform more accurate positive and negative tests. CI/CD produces continuous reliability through test reliability. 

Rapid Release Rate 

It detects failures quicker and repairs faster, which leads to increased release rates. But, frequent releases are possible only if the code is generated in a continuous operational system.

CI/CD often merges codes, continuously deploys them to production after complete testing, and keeps the code in a release-ready state. It’s crucial to have an environment set up that is used by the end-users. Containerization is one of the best methods to test the code in a production environment. 

Reduces Defects

Incorporating CI/CD into your company’s development process minimizes the number of critical and non-critical defects in your backlog. These small defects are identified before production and fixed before the release.

There are several advantages to solve non-critical problems. For instance, your developers have sufficient time to focus on huge issues and enhancing the system. Testers can concentrate less on small issues so they can identify big problems before the release.

Keeps Your Product Up-To-Date

Focus on the first impressions as they are vital to turning new customers into happy customers. Make your clients happy with new features and bug fixes. Using a CI/CD methodology also keeps your product up-to-date with modern technology and enables you to get new customers with positive reviews.

 Adding new features and modifications into your CI/CD pipeline based on how your customers use the product will allow you to retain existing users and gain new customers.

Continuous Feedbacks

CI/CD is the best way to get continuous feedback from your clients and your team. This improves the transparency of any problems in the team and encourages responsibility. CI concentrates on the development team. This part of the pipeline’s response impacts build failures, design issues, merging problems, etc. CD focuses more on releasing the product quickly to the end-users.


Automation in the CI/CD pipeline minimizes the number of defects or bugs that occur in CI and CD steps. This reduces the developer’s time and effort and also minimizes the cost. The other benefit is, it increases the code quality with automation and increases your ROI.


Upon knowing the top benefits of implementing a CI/CD pipeline, it is time to make a move. If you are thinking about executing a CI/CD pipeline, you can move forward. It automatically increases the speed and the quality of your releases. These benefits lead to minimized costs and better ROI. Enterprises can spend more time building better products when implementing Selenium test automation with CI/CD.

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidy is an experienced lead Solutions Architect heading sales and project delivery for Cloud (AWS, Azure), DevOps and legacy Modernization projects with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Computer Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. He has the capability to manage bigger teams and generate revenue through new Sales and Account Mining.

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