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Top Emerging technology trends for 2023

Build products that drive innovation and accountability

The key to success is enabling organizational change through modern tech stack. The adoption of emerging technologies related to IT services has been exceptionally growing. Organizations must decide how to evolve their services to acquire buyers and demonstrate ROI. They need to identify new models in their operations to boost efficiency, scale productivity and embrace new technology to thrive in the digital era.

Moreover, customers expect more digital and simple solutions for their challenging needs. Organizations incorporating technological advances can achieve the transformation without any hassles, regardless of the complexity of issues. In addition, leveraging digital can improvise the existing business model and accelerate the go-to-market with simple solutions.

Top 2023 trends

Adaptive AI

Organizations that leverage Adaptive AI can develop resilience and react more quickly and effectively to disruptions. In addition, it bridges the gap between the methods and AI techniques to enable frameworks to adjust their behaviors to adapt to changing real-world circumstances.

Digital Immune System

A digital immune system merges a broad set of protocols and technologies from software architecture, development, automation, operations, and analytics to build top-notch end-user experience while minimizing business performance risks.

Industry-cloud platforms

Companies can leverage industry-specific cloud platforms tailored based on their needs to get the agility required for responsiveness of accelerating change. It also adds value with scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities.


Metaverse improves the digital and physical anomalies of people. Due to the interoperable business models and opportunities, organizations started to embrace Metaverse technology to extend digital business.

Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is booming in the market due to its value adds, such as optimizing developer experience, accelerating delivery cycle, and self-service capabilities with automated infra operations.

Wireless Value Realization

The emerging trend of wireless value realization extends the capabilities to adopt progressing advancements in the wireless arena.

Business priorities that needs to be addressed for a competitive advantage and a longer window of time

Organizations that address the four business priorities can reap maximum benefits out of their service lines.


Business resilience, operations, framework, agile, and trust


Anything as a service focused vertical solutions, and seamless delivery


Cultural change, agile mindset, accelerated responses, user and customer engagement


Long-term growth, resource efficiency

AI use cases across Industries

Artificial Intelligence is an ever-emerging trend that occupies a predominant position in the digital space. A successful AI strategy includes a complete understanding of the various use cases and where AI can fit into the business. Let’s analyze a few industry-specific AI use cases.


  • Virtual Financial Assistant
  • Mortgage default prediction
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Authentication optimization
  • Transaction data enrichment
  • Credit scoring
  • Portfolio credit-risk optimization


  • Service chat- web or app
  • Claims processing
  • Member early identification
  • Payment Integrity
  • Security
  • Medical shopping and navigation


  • Customized advertising
  • Content personalization
  • Automatic content production
  • Synthetic multi media
  • Demand prediction
  • Automatic accessibility
  • Metadata tagging


  • Agent recommendation/support
  • Underwriting support
  • Claims estimation
  • Chat-bot based customer service
  • No-touch claims processing
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Contract analysis


  • Personalization
  • Distributed order management
  • In-store On-shelf availability
  • Associate hiring and training
  • Price, promotion & markdown optimization
  • Autonomous delivery
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Fraud/ Threat detection

Accelerate your transformation with Sun Technologies

In the ever-demanding world of technology, value generation and seamless delivery are ongoing processes. Hence, the key to success is managing and accelerating operational excellence. In addition, technology drivers such as Adaptive AI, digital immune systems, and Industry cloud platforms help companies boost product reliability, deliver greater value, and build new revenue-generating models. Sun Technologies help companies transform their operational models for future state operations through our ideal value-driven approach. We help you develop a connected future and focus on enriching your core services and innovation at scale to drive business resilience. We innovate everywhere, automate anything, and transform everything to boost performance and customer satisfaction.

Sun Technologies’ digital transformation solution with modern technologies deliver
  • 2X improved application speed
  • Accelerated delivery through automation
  • Reduced costs with 50% license cost savings
  • Anything as a service
  • Enhanced security and user experience
  • 50% Improved business agility

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