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Reconfiguring service delivery with Agile, Digital and Hyper automation

Discovery towards the trending technologies in 2022

By 2023, business-outcome-based contracting will rebound, exceeding pre-COVID-19 levels driven by the need to support digital transformation mandates.


The growing digital demands leading to increased technology investments create new horizons for digital transformation across the corporate IT sector. Therefore, service providers must measure the trending technologies’ impact on their business and align with customers to remain competitive. In addition, companies need to solve the challenges in managing people, processes, and technologies to help customers achieve desired business results. The increasing importance of business interaction, outcomes, and automation quickly reshapes service delivery strategy. Hyperautomation powered with agile transformation has the potential to accelerate business globally. Likewise, the analysis and realization of what technologies enable digital transformation is essential for reaping the maximum benefits. Application leaders must align enterprise-specific criteria for these demands to ensure the best fit for their offerings with organizational resilience and enable distributed delivery across the organization. 

what does digital transformation mean

Future Trend- Agile-based Teams


AI and ML
Smarter operations
Conversational systems


Shared work culture
Agile team


Faster adoption
Smart tracking
More innovation

1. Agile to accelerate Digital Business initiatives

Agile practices, often linked with IT, are expanding to manage digital business initiatives and business process enhancements. Project leaders must encourage the adoption of agile principles and a shift toward cross-functional teams to increase work productivity, processes, and value streams. The future of work will be agile-oriented that can iterate, innovate, and bring value fast.

CIOs responsible for digital initiatives and innovation should:

  • Measure the emerging technologies and trends to increase the value against existing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Focus on business innovation projects and digital transformation initiatives such as cloud transformation, legacy modernization, automation testing, cybersecurity, and IoT
  • Identify what technologies enable digital transformation
  • Improve your security functionalities
  • Reduce the impact of present ecosystems by measuring the solution API and integrity

2. Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation can bring an expected high level of automated processes across the business functions. Leveraging multiple automation technologies that include AI, ML, and RPA practices enable organizations to reap hyperautomation’s benefits for agile and efficient operations. With progress in the automation of mundane tasks and processes, industries such as banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, education, and medical have an opportunity to scale the automation for better business efficiency and customer experience.

Organizations use various tools and methodologies uniformly across business operations to eliminate redundancy, fragmentation, and technology debt and encourage distributed learning. These toolsets include DevOps tools, no-code/low-code application platforms, advanced analytics tools, RPA, and AI/ML tools to cover the whole span of automation. Enterprises need to embrace digital execution KPIs at executive, business, and technology operation levels to assess and find what technologies  enable digital transformation for the success and apply required actions.

Three strategy parameters to consider

Evaluation and prioritization

To align with the enterprise strategy, organizations need to assess the value against scope, real-time collaboration, and proximity with stakeholders to optimize cost and deliver agility.

Set Assessment criteria

Build well-defined enterprise-specific assessment criteria beyond mere cost and scale parameters.


Use automation to maximize velocity and agility in service delivery by mapping and documenting automation consumption in your organization's IT and business services.

To initiate hyperautomation for accelerating digital transformation, CIOs should:

  • Leverage a business-value-driven framework to target hyperautomation initiatives for technology, operational, and business outcomes.
  • Build a Centre of Excellence [CoE]) to deliver governance, collaboration, prioritization, standardization, and best practices distributed across multiple automation projects.
  • Address redundant operations challenges to achieve hyperautomation for end-to-end business processes.
  • As a part of the vendor selection process, measure automation capabilities of operational technology for hyperautomation support 

3. Technology Innovation

More innovation areas for IT leaders

  • Adopt the emerging technologies that create more business value that your company needs to maximize the growth of your organization
  • Adapt to the culture of hybrid work and leverage total experience approaches to optimize solutions for customers.
  • To accelerate R&D timescales and innovation, design the rapid digitalization of your organization by releasing the creativity of cross-functional teams of IT and business experts

Applications built with modern technologies easily adopt decision intelligence approaches and reduce the time to market solutions. Organizations need to reconfigure the scalability and trust required for cost-optimized operations by creating a secure, resilient foundation for future IT operations based on cloud technologies. Sun Technologies’ follows AI engineering approaches to optimize the production value of AI and deploy hyper-automation tools, and processes to accelerate the pace of business model change.

4. Total Experience

The total experience is a business strategy for building top-notch distributed customer and employee experiences. Enabling TX with design, development, content, automation, and analytics technologies helps remove effort and inefficiencies to transform shared experiences. TX applies various business technologies during customer and employee journeys. Today, enterprises are using unique digital initiatives to enhance CX and productivity. They can achieve their business goals by using TX business strategies to maximize revenue and reduce internal costs.

Top technology trends that are creating a big impact

Digital assurance for accelerated growth

Total Experience
Distributed Enterprise
Generative AI
Autonomic systems

Organizational culture change

Hyperautomation that includes RPA
Decision Intelligence
AI engineering

Reliable engineering

Cloud-native platforms
Cybersecurity Mesh
Data discovery and protection
Privacy-improving innovation

Unleash the power of digital initiatives with Sun Technologies

We help businesses achieve business goals based on informed and intelligent decisions

Driving enhanced customer experience:  Our primary focus revolves around client and employee centricity. With that, we develop customer intimacy. We analyze data from various areas to focus on suitable KPIs for improved business value. We understand customers’ business and propose innovative value-creating recommendations with our modern approaches.

Enabling secure and scalable architecture for business transformation: Managed services need trust and confidence. Therefore, we closely work with our customers to ensure their data and digital assets are protected irrespective of their presence.

Accelerating business value realization: We help accelerate the business value by reconfiguring our approach based on their requirements.

Leveraging emerging technologies to enhance sustainability

We assist our customers through the horizon of emerging technology and modern trends. We deliver simple solutions even for the complex architecture and unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams. Our experience and expertise across various domains and technology stacks such as AI/ML, IoT, data engineering, and emerging technologies that include hyperautomation, Total Experience, NLPs, RPA, cybersecurity, and DigitalOps make us a reliable partner 

  • Sun Technologies is a leader in IT services and solutions, adapting the RPA CoE across various industry verticals
  • For more than 25+ years, we have been focusing on helping clients leverage technologies to transform business models and unlock value
  • Our experience is focused on the most pressing issues on the CIO agenda, including Digital Transformation, automation, IT cost reduction, application portfolio rationalization, managed services transformation, and technology modernization
  • In addition, Our RPA CoE helps organizations build a roadmap for embedding effective operating models (CAO, FAO) and provides design and execution-related guidelines for smooth pilots and hassle-free production, maintenance, and support
what is digital transformation

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