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Innovate and excel in the digital era
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The Future of Business Success is Hyper Automated & AI Powered

The world is changing fast, and this impacts how your company does business. Organizations of all sizes need to be able to adapt quickly to new technologies in order to remain competitive. The sudden increase in the demand of self-serve options lead to the undeniable possibility of adopting hyper-automation. This new level of automation will require a shift in focus from cycle time reduction to a focus on improving quality, availability, and security. Hyperautomation is one of the most critical trends businesses are adopting to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The use of hyper-automation in business operations is growing significantly. However, IT departments must develop new skills and optimize their current infrastructures to do this effectively. As companies improve their automation capabilities, they move away from automating basic tasks or well-defined ones to more complicated, demanding processess.


Gartner estimates that over 56% of companies have at least four simultaneous hyperautomation efforts in the pipeline, and most companies have more than 10. The constant increase in hyperautomation efforts will require efficient Fusion teams.

Hyperautomation Opportunities

Better, higher-quality processes

Greater usage

Quicker Adoption

Less resistance

Customer and employee centricity

Automate everything

The transformation that hyperautomation brings to organizations include:

free codeless automation tools

Enhancing the agility of companies

Enhance the chances of successful hyperautomation efforts through three aspects: co-operate, share ownership and co-create.

Better analytics and insight

Opens space for more innovation

Increase productivity of employees

Providing them the opportunity to showcase their expertise

Better integration of value chain

Integration of legacy systems, as well as modern technology


Easy accessibility to process data


To deal with complex business processes Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning is used for real transformation .


The key accelerator that takes your business to the next level!

Technology suite for hyperautomation


Business process automation enables companies to process complicated processes, functions, actions, analysis, and decision-making in a simple way.


No code tools such as IntelliSWAUT helps businesses scale up their test automation and get started in no time with its scriptless features.

Industries targeting hyperautomation in 2022

Leverage AI for end-to-end automation

AI acts as a catalyst for hyperautomation to determine the defects efficiently and self-heal to avert losses. Instead of automating small tasks or redundant tasks through RPA machines, hyperautomation could provide complete process automation. 

The future of automation for process goes together with empowering business users to be able to work without the need for programming or complicated configurations, they are able to build the solutions they want.

Sun Technologies’ hyperautomation services can help you elevate, automate and bring maximum value to your enterprise

To achieve high-level automation, businesses require transparency throughout their operation. Through the help of IoT solutions, you will be able to capture and analyze the data of processes, and products, thereby allowing high level of transparency. It also enables you to continually automate various aspects of your business.

Sun Technologies in partnership with UiPath, is a pioneer in combining the most effective technologies to bring Hyperautomation in any business to design, discover, automate, and implement, as well as manage workflows and processes that are essential. Our team has a proven track record of complete hyperautomation expertise to assist our clients throughout the automation lifecycle. We incorporate additional processes and elements of your business onto the automation strategy using the latest technologies and tools.

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