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Job Details

Job Title
: Quality Inspector
Required Skills
: blueprints, Customer Specifications, diagrams, Dial Indicators, drawing, Evaluation/rework/repair/replacement, fixtures, Preset Micrometers, Scales, Visual Inspection
: 12 months contract with possible extension

Job Description

Pay Range: $50/hr-$53/hr; the pay rate may differ depending on your skills, education, experience, and other qualifications.

Featured Benefits:

  • Medical insurance in compliance with the ACA.
  • 401(k).
  • Sick leave in compliance with applicable state, federal, and local laws.

Job description:

  • Uses predetermined methods, operations, setups and prescribed specifications to inspect visually in-process and completed products such as electronic units and subsystems, precision electromechanical assemblies or mechanical units, subassemblies, structural flaws, internal defects, and missing welds.
  • Uses various measuring devices.
  • Accepts, rejects, or reworks defective or malfunctioning units or systems.
  • Works from blueprints, diagrams, dial indicators, preset micrometers, scales, fixtures, customer specifications, drawing or inspection instructions and checklists.
  • May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
  • Performs line clearances after each lot to ensure all materials from the previous lot have been removed.

Job Characteristics:

  • Considerable knowledge of the job.
  • Substantial acquaintance with and understanding of general aspects of the job with a broad understanding of the detailed aspects of the job.

Supervision Given and Received:

  • Direct supervision and instructions given for routine work and detailed instructions given for new activities or special assignments.
  • General supervision and instructions given for routine work and detailed instructions given for new activities or special assignments.

Typical Duties and Tasks:

  • Duties & tasks are varied but standardized. Performs some more advanced functions.
  • Resolves routine questions and problems and refers more complex questions to higher levels.

Consequence of Errors:

  • Errors may be detected and corrected but may cause moderate loss of time or customer/user dissatisfaction.


  • Contacts are typically with individuals within own department and occasionally with contacts outside own organization.
  • Contacts involve obtaining or providing information or data requiring some explanation or interpretation.

Minimum Education:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Typical Minimum Education or Experience
  • High School diploma or equivalent and 2 years additional education and/or related experience.

Required Details

: 3 Years
Travel Required
: No
Clearance Required
: No

Contact Details

Contact person
: Anil Kumar
: 678-203-2570

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