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Case Study

Web Based Application Solution for a Leading Financial Firm

Whom we worked with

Our Customer is a government-sponsored enterprise that provides secured loans and other support services to about 760 members, including commercial banks, credit unions, insurance companies, thrifts, and community development financial institutions

Our Solution

  • Suggested Web UI application as it can be used in multiple environments & better user experience
  • Sun Technologies’ Architects evaluated various enterprise tools and technologies to develop a modern UI based solution
  • Developed a modernized UI using Bootstrap framework
  • To eliminate the dependencies, we suggested vendor neutral tools
  • Recommended and Implemented centralized and scalable test management solution
  • Implemented the Security tool to enhance security of the application
  • Implemented Jasper Reports to increase the cost effectiveness of the solution
  • Automated the complete test cases using selenium for continuous integration and continuous development
  •  Designed solution ensuring the application is adaptable to enhancements in near future


  • The Standalone application had limitations with very less support for its users
  • No customization options
  • To develop a solution which is easier to use with all the functionalities
  • To integrate the solution to work in multiple environments (Development & Testing)


  • Customized solution to work in multiple environments
  • Ready to use solution with shorter delivery time
  • Rich and modernize UI application with greater flexibility

How we helped

  • Suggested Agile-Sprint model to develop the application
  • Proof of Concept was carried out for Springboot to show the initial phase of the developed application
  • Periodic interactions with the client reduced the re-work
  • Used best practices for the development codes which can be reused