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Transforming the microservices deployment and decoding modern Quality Assurance with IntelliSWAUT

The adoption of microservices architecture in the digital transformation journey is gaining more popularity among enterprises to modernize their legacy applications. However, successful adoption has its pain points, and many struggles to understand the expected benefits.

Enterprises constantly look for scalable solutions for quick & easy API development as they continue to grow. Microservices Architecture mainly focuses on building single-function modules with distinct interfaces and functions. Therefore, it helps reduce risks, complexity by breaking the monolith and enabling organizations to have better reliability and flexibility.

Sun Technologies uses various QA methodologies to streamline the performance of each microservice by reducing failure & bugs, which leads your customer towards a better interface without any challenges. Additionally, it helps you ensure that all microservices work together as a single application

To be successful with microservices deployment, business leaders will need to change or emphasize:

Team structures and responsibilities

The operating model


Knowledge and application of distributed computing architecture patterns


Agile and DevOps adoption

Simplifies Integration with automated deployment

Deployment and start-up times are quicker due to the combination of containerization (Docker) and Continuous Integration

Higher Reliability and Flexibility

Even if one particular Microservice ceases to function, only the service offered by the affected Microservice is affected, while the other features of the applications will be working and accessible.

Microservices Deployment & Legacy Modernization


Automated horizontal scaling of Microservices achieved through the auto-scale capabilities of some cloud service providers.

Enhanced fault isolation

If there's an error in memory within one service, only that service will be affected. Other services will be unchanged and function smoothly.

Enhanced DevOps Practices and the right scriptless tool leads to successful business outcomes

To be successful with microservices deployment, it is necessary to make significant adjustments to the way you deliver software. If you want to create an idea that is based on a microservices structure, it is essential to ensure that the team’s communication structures are aligned with the design structure. Well-organized DevOps practices and the right set of tools can help you to focus on more innovation by reducing your development and testing time. Within a microservices composition, deployment elements increases and need automation, which is enabled through automating the build and deploy processes with Jenkins or other DevOps tools. Microservices minimizes Jenkins workloads to one single job function for each artifact release.

More areas to focus:

Align your data models to the boundaries of your business domain

Do not decompose capabilities unless it provides additional value

Modifying your teams structure and responsibilities


Applying distributed computing architecture patterns


Implementing Agile and DevOps methodologies

How Sun Technologies helps you to make most out of your digital transformation?

Build mobile, IoT, and cloud applications with microservices to create a continuous deployment environment. Our automation-first modernization approach helps companies improve their modernization journeys. We help you embrace microservices to realize their impact on revenue-generating processes and digital transformation.

Sun Technologies focuses on accelerated microservices. Our experts are specialized in REST/SOAP Web services, Java, Spring Framework, Dockers, Kubernetes, and much more. Read our success story to know how our proven approach helped our customers increase ROI on their cloud microservices deployments. We help you adopt Microservices architecture & the DevOps required for success of your modernization


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