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Top 4 critical accelerators for your digital transformation

Improving business resiliency in emerging dimensions with digital accelerator

By 2023, business-outcome-based contracting will rebound, exceeding pre-COVID-19 levels driven by the need to support digital transformation mandates.


Critical elements to accelerate IT business Initiatives and innovation

Innovation for digital transformation requires a clear mindset for culture change, implementation strategy, digital accelerator and value generation. To bring tangible results, enterprises must remain focused on their competitive edge. In addition, transformation efforts must build value for the organization. 

The top four focus areas enterprises need an emphasis on for accelerated IT business initiatives are

Digital Planning and Strategy

Define the goal, transformation journey, tools to be adopted, and technologies to be leveraged for the full-fledged modernization

Revamping Operating Model

Architect the IT operating model that aligns with the digital ambitions through skillsets, organizational structures, and decision-making rights.

Culture Change

Analyze and start exercising the critical elements by building an action plan to achieve the expected culture change required

Technology and tools adoption

Set teams to work together to create the digital capabilities themselves and provide the leverage of technology and tools adoption

Re-architect your business operating model with a digital accelerator that connects the digital ambitions

Most modernization initiatives start with revamping the operating model. However, every strategic digital shift affects business functions and activates team operational associations. Hence, the businesses must track change, volatility, resource allocation, investment matrix, and time to implement the change factors.

Checklists before shifting to digital: –

  • How to grow amidst the competitive market and meet client expectations?
  • How to accelerate time-to-market?
  • How do you simplify organizational processes?
  • How do you produce competitive business models?
  • How to increase ROI in the proposed budget?
  • How to adopt the latest technologies and tools?

Elements that are required to be Successful

Changing the operating models expands the digital revenue streams at scale and improves operational excellence.

Key areas driving the transformation while optimizing existing business functions are:

  • Innovation 
  • Optimized Modernization
  • Technologies and Tools
  • Business Optimization 

Some additional drivers are:

Robust Digital Business Strategy: Creating digital business strategy by keeping digital ambition in mind and setting directions for digital transformations

Future-Proof Information & Technology Models: Designing an in-house I&T team to match the defined transformation goals and building a digital accelerator

Empowering Organizations Culture: Adapting to the collaborative and customer-centric mindset by empowering micromanagement with the organization’s internal teams

Shared Technology Platforms: Establishing a shared technology platform for collaboration and knowledge upgradation

Key enablers for your digital transformation

Agile mindset

Digital business needs agile IT personnel with a change mindset. The idea is to find the right skillset with versatile capability and various technical skills. Most companies use modern technologies to deliver the best customer experiences to reduce costs, increase quality and collaboration, and create value. The agile-led operating model merges digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-defined way to enhance ROI, customer experience, and cost.

Organization Structure

Enterprises planning for a change implementation strategy must find the required change areas to solve the challenges realizing the hurdles. Moreover, when you truly understand the change required and tailor the organization's structures, you can dive into the right strategy and success.

Team Hierarchy and Decision Makers

The business teams and the customers will likely play a prominent role in making technology decisions. They must work closely to enable employees to shift responsibilities for the desired results quickly. CIOS must take responsibility for mentoring and supporting to feel more comfortable making critical business decisions on greater ownership for digital initiative results. It is also crucial to map the roadmap in different technology activities, plan those activities, and mentor the responsibilities which could change over shortly by working towards joint accountability of the results.

Right Solution Partner

Digital business transformation significantly requires more effort, and it is challenging for organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals on their own. Therefore, choosing the appropriate technology provider like Sun Technologies is crucial, who can understand your goals and simplify the transformation process.

Enable the Required Speed and Agility with the Digital Platforms   

Digital transformation not only involves the adoption or implementation of modern technology. But you are bringing all your teams together for more efficient conversion. So while shifting to the cloud or embracing other new technologies may be suitable for your enterprise, the actual change rewards your organization. 

Organizations need to enable their core IT systems with the necessary tools and consider introducing interaction and project management tools to enhance communication between the internal teams and the vendors. It is also a good practice to build an ecosystem by levering the Internet of Things (IoT) which will add value by communicating with machines, infrastructure, or devices to create new value for customers. 

How Sun Technologies help you achieve your Digital ambitions?

Sun Technologies help you drive and accelerate your digital business transformation by

Setting up the Projection plan

Strategically evaluating the business opportunities and setting the projection for the digital ambition


Identifying the challenges and recreating the enterprise value proposition productively

Addressing challenges

Analyzing and addressing the dependencies caused by the value proposition

Highlighting the required elements

Spotting and documenting the change components that required for digital acceleration

Sun Technologies’ digital transformation solutions incorporating agile, intelligent automation, adaptive, and accuracy bring massive success. Our digital strategy and roadmap enable the critical components for digitization, which in turn helps our customers to address all the requirements and challenges in efficiency enhancement.

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