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Top Four Cloud IT Transformation Trends that
Creates more Impact in 2022

Advance and rise with cloud

The post-pandemic world prepares enterprises for the next normal. Organizations of all sizes started to fasten up their digital strategies to recreate revenue and enable complete business resilience. Emerging cloud IT transformation trends  continue to spread the depth of cloud capabilities and services. Business leaders must be able to predict and adapt suitable strategies to the future of cloud computing. They should find ways to integrate digital solutions and fine-tune the expected results to equip enterprise strategy. Using the cloud in all its forms, for instance, applications, data, infrastructure use cases, intelligent development ecosystems, and modern innovation like Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning (ML), can be a tremendous proposition.  

As the shift to digital continues, customers are looking for expert consultation with IT transformation. Choosing the perfect cloud service provider with more profound expertise and specialization for cloud transformation and solutions enables them to increase ROI and productivity by bridging the gaps in cloud maturity for transformational and cloud-native needs.

Sun Technologies’ proven processes and highly automated tooling expertise addresses all the customer challenges and drives transformation efficiently.

By 2026, public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending, up from less than 17% in 2021.

The top 4 cloud IT transformation trends

Gartner’s 2022 strategic trends research highlights that, by 2025, cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for more than 95% of new digital initiatives.

Adopting the following top 4 trends can help you build a cloud-native a framework while using your data to drive better business outcomes. The Top 4 trends organizations are incorporating to support their cloud use cases and accelerate business in 2022 are:

Utilizing modern automated CSP tools

Incorporating new automated Cloud tools and offerings into your cloud strategies enables you to broaden your cloud capabilities. In addition, AL/ML-driven cloud offerings from Cloud infrastructure service providers accelerate the operational burden through the automation frameworks.

Innovating new cloud
use cases

Discover the latest cloud use cases with the recent advancements, primarily those that enable better customer experiences and new business models. In addition, a new, more significant level of cloud offering expansion with innovation will accelerate cloud adoptions to a new level of broader and more profound cloud usage.

Implementing advanced security features

Adopting solutions like security features and distributed cloud enables you to increase the security levels and safeguard all sensitive data.Although giant cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP delivers many cloud-native features and services, third-party offerings are also crucial to attaining enterprise-grade cloud protection from threats, data leaks, and attacks in the cloud platforms.

Integrating sustainability

Building sustainability goals into your cloud transformation strategies with your cloud providers’ environmental initiatives help you bring additional business values.

Typical Cloud IT Transformation pain points

According to Gartner’s research, 23% percent of organizations indicated that improving coordination for cloud governance and cost optimization was a top-three option to reduce their costs or improve ROI.

Cloud IT Transformation – All you need is complete automation

Whether deployed in the data center or the public cloud, the latest IT infrastructure needs very feeble manual work and monitoring compared to the legacy infrastructure. Therefore, cloud providers started to automate most parts of the IaaS and PaaS stack, such as database cloning and orchestration of container workloads. They also help organizations free up from the responsibility of ensuring the database duplications are working properly and performing as expected. In addition, such systems are now simple to handle.

Cloud transformation with complete automation induces the benefits such as increased efficiency, faster time-to-market, improved organizational flexibility, and scalability with centralized network security. As a result, the automation of cloud offerings hugely impacts the way of running a business.

Application leaders must ask the following questions before embracing services that automate orchestration and cloud management.

  • Do we have the proper expertise? 
  • Can we implement, operate, and manage a cloud service?
  • Is it possible to handle a DIY deployment within our budget?
  • Can we maintain a hyper-scale service provider’s pace of innovation concerning specific services?

Industries that utilizes cloud includes


Improved mobile banking experiences

Public sector

Digital transformation initiatives that include smart city, mobile, and cloud-based service



AI/ML-enabled cloud services



Digital experiences with smart solutions



Improved user experience through digital and physical presence

Define patterns

Determine designs of Cloud questions as the fundamental for building Cloud workforce

Skilled in-house resources

Improve cloud capabilities by improving the in-house resources experience

Scale your multi-cloud infrastructure ecosystem

Strategic plan

Focus efforts on maximizing the enterprise' competitive edge around Public Cloud

Have cloud operations

Possess Cloud operations to gain enterprise-level value

Cloud capabilities Sun Technologies possess to support the use cases that matter most to your business.

Discover our suite of enterprise Cloud Transformation offerings.  Empower your organizational capabilities with us to thrive in the cloud.  

End-to-End Cloud-Native Applications

 Sun Technologies delivers a full suite of cloud transformation offerings like migration, application development, cloud consulting, AI, and data analytics. We find the business value and pass through the phases such as design thinking, business transformation, and innovation processes. Our ultimate aim is to help customers understand the promise of the cloud, which includes business and well-organized culture.  We help deploy business continuity and disaster recovery strategies with our native Cloud capabilities.

Modernizing Traditional/Legacy Applications 

We help organizations modernize applications from scratch with our value-driven approach. Our API and microservices capabilities enable customers to accelerate time to value while leveraging systematic methodologies. When building target reference designs, we consider the non-functional demands of your applications, such as cost, availability, scalability, security, disaster recovery, and performance.  

Strategic Cloud Transformation 

Sun Technologies’ value-driven approach to bringing up design thinking with customers drives business results and finally improves the customer experience. We use discovery and assessment tools to analyze the cost-benefit of moving to the cloud and optimize accordingly, before the migration process. 

Enabling DevOps/MLOps in the Customer Environment 

DevOps and MLOps are the primary focus of Sun Technologies’ transformation methodology. We establish completely automated DevOps deployments with our cloud transformation capabilities that enable customers to optimize costs and time-to-deployment.


The demands of an enterprise cloud environment are continuously evolving along with the business requirements. Today, the cloud goes through the most modern technological disruptions, including composable business. It has proven itself during times of unpredictability with its ability to withstand difficulty, scalability, flexibility, and velocity. Hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments are reaching heights and enabling new distributed cloud models.

Get competitive, and stay relevant with our meticulously designed data-driven strategies.

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