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Job Details

Job Title
: Program Coordinator
Required Skills
: interpret data, law enforcement records, medical records, meetings, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program records, presentations, Program Coordinator, public health
: 12 months contract with possible extension

Job Description

Pay Range: $20 to $28/hr. The pay rate may differ depending on your skills, education, experience, and other qualifications.

Featured Benefits:

  • Medical insurance in compliance with the ACA.
  • 401(k).
  • Sick leave in compliance with applicable state, federal, and local laws.

Position is remote – Selected resources must have the ability to travel to in-person meetings across the state on a regular basis.

Due to the position being remote, candidate must be active online and reachable during working hours (8:00-4:00) except in cases of emergency, absence, or prior arrangement.

Candidate must be willing to travel to Client location for onboarding, orientation and occasional meetings. Travel to Client location is not reimbursed.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Assist in requesting and collecting records for local fatality review teams, including medical records, death investigation records, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program records, educational records, and law enforcement records, on a weekly basis as needed
  • Read and summarize case information in order to create slide decks for fatality review meetings on a weekly basis as needed
  • Facilitate virtual and in-person local SOFR team meetings, in accordance with best practices, as applicable and as needed
  • Utilize Microsoft Excel to track and organize record requests and track case review progress
  • Enter case information into the national OFR database on a weekly basis
  • Communicate with local SOFR team coordinators about team successes, challenges, and needs
  • Provide local SOFR team coordinators with information necessary for review meetings
  • Assist in writing grant applications and reports for the SOFR Program
  • Establish high level collaborative relationships with local stakeholders that could include First Responder Agencies, Department of Child Services, county health departments, minority health   coalitions, and other public and non-profit agencies and community partners
  • Collaborate with Division and Agency staff and participate in statewide reviews, when applicable

Provide training and guidance to local SOFR teams to ensure best practice in case ascertainment, case review, and data collection:

  • Attend local review meetings
  • Provide guidance on effective team development, including mandatory members
  • Train local SOFR team coordinators in data collection and data entry into statewide database
  • Ensure high level of confidentiality is maintained
  • Anticipate and respond to SOFR team technical assistance needs

Assist the Programs Director in overseeing reporting requirements from local SOFR teams:

  • Maintain and update all records collected for case review, as necessary
  • Assist local SOFR teams in case ascertainment and initiation, as necessary
  • Maintain database of completed cases
  • Communicate daily with local SOFR teams to obtain case information, as necessary
  • Contact proper divisions/agencies to obtain supplemental reports

Facilitate collaboration between local OFR teams and local strategic planning efforts:

  • Act as a liaison between local SOFR teams and resources aimed at lessening the burden of overdose and injury/death in their communities
  • Maintain knowledge of up-to-date recommendations and resources
  • Aggregate recommendations from local SOFR teams and share with stakeholders and Programs Director at the state level
  • Communicate local SOFR team status and needs to Programs Director
  • Participate in staff development, self-care, and team building activities for the division and program
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Knowledge of the organization and function of state and local health agencies
  • Ability to communicate complex public health theories and principles, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to coordinate and maintain effective working relationships with other program stakeholders in both the private and public sectors
  • Ability to evaluate and interpret data
  • Demonstrated time-management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently to complete tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate with a team for joint projects
  • Demonstrated experience with managing multiple ongoing projects while successfully completing work assignments
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Publisher

Required Details

: 3 Years
Travel Required
: No
Clearance Required
: No

Contact Details

Contact person
: Anil Kumar
: 678-203-2570

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