Sun Technologies, we have experience, expertise, and capabilities to help innovate and transform the healthcare industry. We enable organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, streamline internal processes while meeting the regulatory compliance.


Sun Technologies provides IT services in the Healthcare industry with a focus on improved patient care and better operational efficiency. Our services help our customers build modern infrastructure and software-driven business with the highest quality of standards and use analytics for improved efficiency.
  • Software Services

    • HIPAA compliant and interoperable healthcare applications development
    • Healthcare mobile app development
    • Hospital and patient management software
    • Medical learning applications
    • Application support and maintenance
    • Migration solutions

  • Software Testing Services

    • Health Information Management Systems (HIMS)
    • Compliance solutions such as HL7, HIPAA
    • Clinical decision support system
    • Hospital chain management
    • Integrated system applications

  • Infrastructure Management Services

    • Data Security Services
    • Legacy System modernization
    • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
    • Payer CRM initiatives
    • 24*7*365 monitoring and management

  • Big Data Analytics Services

    • Healthcare Data Research & Analytics
    • Healthcare quality and reporting
    • Advanced Healthcare Analytics
    • Healthcare enterprise data services

Case Studies