We help our customers in the energy and utility sector find solutions that exceed demands, improve responsiveness, and increase customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs and driving revenue.


Sun Technologies is focused to provide services in Energy and Utilities companies who are looking to gain advantage in the market with technology solutions. By leveraging our expertise in both technology and domain, we are committed to help our customers build a modern infrastructure, software driven business with highest quality standards and use Analytics to fuel growth and efficiency.
  • Software Services

    • Enterprise Asset management
    • Integration with GIS for design, mapping and operations
    • Smart grid application development
    • Legacy software modernization
    • Enterprise Mobile Application Platform
    • Enterprise Software for Chemical, Oil & Gas

  • Software Testing Services

    • Application Testing
    • Oil and Gas Software Testing
    • E-commerce App development
    • Electric and Power Utilities Software Testing
    • Regression and Automation testing

  • Infrastructure Management Services

    • Data Migration and Cloud Migration
    • Data security
    • Network monitoring
    • 24*7*365 monitoring and management
    • Legacy system modernization

  • Big Data & Analytics Services

    • Trend Analysis & predictions
    • Big Data Management
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Demand forecasting and pricing analytics
    • Product optimization and forecasting

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