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The QA conundrum in the gaming industry and the strategy for real transformation

What is QA in gaming industry?

QA Testing is about having the willingness to find bugs. It involves a lot of thinking, creativity, and a good sense of observation and reasoning. The first step to finding bugs is accepting when a game has bugs. It is almost like the difference between science and belief. Bugs are not always meant to be in a game, but it can be challenging many gamers to find that fine line between entertaining and realistic physics and human perception. This is where QA Testing comes into play because they will pick up on things that gamers may not even notice. Therefore, it becomes crucial for QA Testers to read between the lines of something as simple and straightforward as a single paragraph of text without being distracted by all the color and music going on around them.

Role of QA testing in the video game industry

Providing quality experience

The most crucial aspect of developing a game is making sure the experience is going to be fun for the player. If you ask any game developer, they tell you that QA testing is one of their most challenging responsibilities. The quality assurance team has to find every bug possible to provide a quality experience for players. There are many ways to test games, and each method can take days or weeks depending on how much time and money the developer assigns. Game testers ensure that a game will be completed on time and within budget while meeting company quality standards. QA tester’s job also involves quality assurance with no code tools and using various software such as bug trackers, test cases, and requirements management systems (RMS). They can create test cases during the initial design stages or after the release date to ensure that newly discovered bugs have been fixed. 

Delivering bug-free games

There is no ‘correct’ way to test a video game when it comes to QA Testing. QA testers have more responsibility than just playing through a game to find bugs and glitches. This has been true for decades, but now it is more accurate than ever because today’s games are so complex that they require many different testing methodologies. The nature of quality assurance in software testing has changed drastically in the past few years. If a company is to produce a game with characters that look and act human, they need human testers who are motivated and willing to think critically. To succeed at QA Testing, these individuals must have certain traits. They need to follow a script and imagine new situations when they play the game again. 

Ensures the success of every game

QA Testing is essential to the success of any game. In the field of technology, QA is a crucial part of ensuring the quality of any product. For example, today’s advanced video games rely on an incredible amount of detail and complexity found in other media, including films, television shows, and books. Because QA Testing is expected to be so thorough and detailed, each tester needs to be able to have an understanding of not only what they are testing but also how it fits into the big picture. The job requires that all their senses are constantly in use and don’t lose focus for even a second. This can be draining if a tester does not feel that their efforts are appreciated, so it’s always a good idea to let them know how important their job is.

Saves company from bankruptcy

QA testing can save a company thousands of dollars per game. In addition to the fact that QA Testing will save companies money, it is also imperative for games that are released in the future. All companies spend a lot of time and money producing the game, which means it must be done correctly, but bugs and glitches will not appear until after the game has been launched. When a company sees how many bugs they can find in a game before it is released, they know what areas need more attention. QA testers consider this information when creating their test cases.

Various stages of testing

There are several stages of testing that are required before a game is released, and there are many levels of QA Testing. Firstly, developers must test a game. If they find bugs in the game, they will report them to the programmers and designers to fix them. The first level of QA Testing is known as Alpha Testing, and a limited number of people perform it. Depending on the size of the game, this stage could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. After Alpha Testing comes Beta Testing. This is a stage where more people from the company play the game. They need to ensure that the Beta Testing process is as accurate as possible for the next level of testing, known as Final Testing or Last Mile Testing. The game is ready for final testing once the developers have fixed the bugs and glitches and the product meets all quality standards. Testers should be able to figure out a way to break the game. They should not just do the same things that everyone else is doing. They should dig beyond what everyone else thinks the game can do and try to break it. Again, this can take a lot of time, but it is also essential to maintain the quality of the game. 

IntelliSWAUT for API and Web Services Automation

QA in gaming includes various testing techniques like performance testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, and even regression testing. Aavega Interactive offers end-to-end gaming solutions in QA testing with the help of IntelliSWAUT, an AI-empowered test automation tool that will manage all your coding challenges. Apart from this, IntelliSWAUT also helps you to deliver efficient products super-fast by simplifying your software development. The no-code tool reduces the need for scripting and increases the reusability allowing you to deliver software efficiently. Your employees can now focus on providing unique software and features as IntelliSWAUT takes care of the repetitive tasks. 

New strategy to change how we see QA

  1. There are new ways to test that increase QA effectiveness, but QA teams need to understand the most effective ways of testing, like using IntelliSWAUT for API and web services automation.
  2. As new technologies emerges, QA needs to continually evolve and change its processes to suit the needs of the business.
  3. Aavega offers a range of collaboration tools to help QA testers work more effectively, keep track of bugs and easily replicate issues.
  4. Smaller software projects often require QA testers to specify tests manually, but this is time-consuming and not scalable. IntelliSWAUT’s API allows users to create scripts that work for them.

QA in Healthcare Vs Gaming

Not only in gaming, but QA testing is also implemented in many other sectors, one of which is the health care industry. QA Testing in Healthcare is important as it allows finding bugs and technical errors that can lead to system failure, which is a severe concern for the healthcare industry. The cost of fixing a bug in software is far less than fixing one in a medical device. Furthermore, the consequences of a bug in a medical device can have severe negative impacts. The testing of healthcare products includes both hands-on and laboratory testing. Hands-on testing consists of functional tests to ensure the product’s safety, usability, and reliability. 

How does Sun Technologies’ COE help accelerate your release cycles?

One of the significant challenges that software engineers and QA testers face is a lot of pressure to deliver releases faster. The biggest hurdle in developing applications is managing and maintaining them, which increases the cost of ownership. This has led to shortening time-to-market and delivery cycles. But Sun Technologies’ exclusive Gaming Center of Excellence (CoE) Aavega focuses on testing processes that are specially designed to accelerate your release cycles. We work with clients in the early phases of the development cycle to create a feasible test strategy. Our testing processes are very well defined, and the system is well organized. The technology used in the QA processes is easily accessible and can be updated as per the client’s requirement. The product is tested on both mobile platforms and traditional PCs to ensure that it works across multiple devices.


The QA Testing process is an art and a science of its own. It is both creative and detailed. To find bugs and glitches, testers need to think outside the box while at the same time staying within the guidelines of what they are testing. With today’s advanced development systems, QA Testing is one of the most important aspects of a game’s development process. At Aavega Interactive, we have a team of highly experienced gamers working in the gaming industry, which allows us to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Our QA Testing process plays an integral part in making your software flawless and bug-free.

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