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Role Of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) In The Gaming Industry

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital representations of external value, like currency, stock share, or loyalty points. However, tokens can also represent your identity or intellectual property. That is why they are so powerful in the gaming world. Within the gaming industry, tokens can be used to make games more secure and efficient. One of the main problems in the gaming industry is that players have to buy all their items with real money. Moreover, if they want to sell it someday, or if they need money for other purposes, they will lose all the items too. Blockchain technology can solve this problem. The tokenization of in-game assets solves this problem. It allows players to keep playing and selling their property at any time and not to lose it in case they need some extra cash. It also increases the value of the assets.

Here are five ways that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used in the gaming industry to give gamers more ownership over their items and provide game developers with more control over virtual economies:

1) Tradable game assets 

In a tradable game, you cannot create virtual items limited to one person. That’s why game developers need to create NFTs that can be sold in the market and used to buy more expensive items. These are the primary source of profit in many games – non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used to create tradable game

2) Programmable ownership 

NFTs can be programmed to have rules on using and exchanging them. We can use this to create a more secure gaming environment. Also, developers can create new game mechanics around this concept and make different use cases possible.

3) Maintain history

NFTs can be used to maintain a game’s history. For example, when items are sold, players will be able to track the item through the blockchain, maintaining a historical record of where it was bought and sold and what it is worth at any time.

4) Better item stats can attract players 

NFTs can be used to create rare items that are limited in supply. This will allow game developers to create incentives for players to spend more time playing the game, which will increase their revenue.

5) Maintenance fees are easier to manage

NFTs often allow maintenance fees to be paid by other players. This means that NFTs can help reduce the strain of owning many items. NFTs are a new way to create ownership in video games. 

There are many advantages of using NFTs in the gaming industry. Some of them are:


There are endless possibilities for NFT owners. For example, you can have your virtual gold or virtual diamonds and sell them to other players in the game, or you can even sell your items through the blockchain and paid in some cryptocurrency of your choice.


Since there is no physical object to transfer, the transaction process is faster. You can also buy and sell items without waiting for the transaction to be processed; this means you can make a purchase, upgrade your character, and sell it all before the transaction is confirmed.


NFTs have a public and verifiable history of ownership which is accessible anywhere. This makes the ecosystem more accessible to a global audience. 


There is no centralized ownership, so that nobody can control it. You can transfer ownership and access anytime without any problem. However, it is a virtual item, so you need to protect it with your password or key.


NFTs can provide players with a value that can’t compare with real-world currencies. This gives them a fun and engaging experience that can be shared with friends. 


The blockchain is highly secure, making it nearly impossible to hack or steal your items. This provides players with the peace of mind that their items are safe.

Companies that produces NFT based games

As of now, NFTs are widely used in different gaming companies and startups. Here are some examples:

1) Etheroll 

A decentralized betting platform uses Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens as fuel. The main difference between Etheroll and other betting companies is that Etheroll is non-profit. Therefore, the betting places are backed by ETH instead of paying with fiat currency. Etheroll uses ERC-721 tokens to work. 

2) Metaverse Blockchain 

A public, blockchain-based virtual world platform uses Ethereum-based ETPs to send, store and trade digital assets. In short, the project provides ownership of digital assets to users.

3) Cryptokitties 

It is a game where you can buy, collect and breed digital cats. You can own at least one cat, and that is how you play the game. All digital cats are ERC-721 tokens, and they are used in the game.

4) Decentraland 

A virtual reality platform uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to sell land decentralized. The platform uses a 2-dimensional (2D) virtual world for users to interact with each other. This allows users to develop their virtual world and sell their virtual land to other users.

6) Gods Unchained 

It is a trading card game for players to buy, sell and collect cards. The platform uses ERC-721 tokens for the game items. The NFTs build up the system and create an active gaming community.


NFTs have a promising future in the gaming industry. There are many different ways they can be used to create new game mechanics and use cases, which will lead to more innovative games that attract more players. Also, the use of NFTs can prevent fraud and kill trading, which will create a more secure environment for players. Overall, NFTs have huge potential to be used in the gaming industry, and it is only a matter of time until they are implemented on all major platforms.

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