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Successful Digital Business Transformation

Key innovation areas to thrive in the next-gen enterprise era

The road to digital business transformation has evolved with high-performance technology stack, continuous innovation, an agile mindset, and building experience. Furthermore, with companies wanting to adopt the digital culture, the challenges have grown exponentially. 

Many business transformation initiatives in the digital age fail to have clear visions in the investments and ongoing resource commitments. Lack of awareness causes serious challenges.

Realizing the changing functions with changing business needs invites success to the table. True business transformation almost always requires considerable investments with continuous innovation for at least five to 10 years. The investment areas include

  • Sourcing and getting new clients for products or services need focused marketing campaigns and ongoing investments in sales, social channels, e-commerce platforms, and partnerships
  • Building new value propositions forproducts/services that the target market can adopt easier 
  • Identifying the areas to improve your customer services
  • Building new enterprise capabilities in the areas such as extensive data management, Microservices, API development, and continuous operations.
  • Leveraging digital transformation technologies like microservices, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud, and with latest presentation technologies like Angular to support the digital transformation journey. 

Key initiatives and activities to kick off Digital Transformation

Businesses can most efficiently go through the digital business transformation journey by first building a vision and business strategy for their own industry. Application leaders can develop an industry-specific goal by taking a conservative and value-driven approach. Composable thinking, business architecture, and composable technologies bring more value and success by eliminating the technical barriers during modernization. A few of the critical initiatives enterprises can consider are:

  • Empower a self-organizing network of teams
  • Bring culture change
  • Automate necessary attributes
  • Promote servant-leadership culture
  • Entertain a high-trust and motivational culture
  • Practice adaptive strategy
  • Define cross-functional teams to align on value
  • API as a service
  • Adopt distributed accountability for digital results
  • Adopt agile methodology as default
  • Develop integration capabilities for data, API, analytics, and applications

According to a Gartner research

0 %

Companies have a management initiative or modernization program for digital business
0 %

Companies state that their digital vision is a transformation
0 %

Enterprises state that their digital vision is optimization

Transformation or Optimization?

The more digital essence begins with the precise scope of the digital journey. Is your company looking to excel in digital technologies through enhancing the present business models, or have the motto to build next-gen products/services? Often revisiting the business models based on the market demands enables the actual digital business. Legacy systems modernization, a part of digital transformation, is the most needed enterprise transformation to streamline process efficiency, enhance business performance, meet customer expectations efficiently and build new ways of user experience. 

Digital ambition shows how efficiently a company can use digital technologies and scale its outcomes. Delivering tangible business results from enhancing and optimizing the company’s present business frameworks to transforming the models need evident planning and strategy.

Measure the frequency of structural disruption and occurrence timing to stay ahead of the competition

The crucial attribute in identifying the success ratio of optimization and transformation is measuring the timing of the upcoming significant industry disruption. Shifting at a slow pace and avoiding risk factors leads to reduced revenue and margin. This weakens the company’s capability to invest in the required transformation areas.

Technology emerges to change the business model in the world surrounded by digital culture evolves and sometimes grows to new heights. It can also replace the older technology and transforms the industry. Adopting the change faster and getting ahead of competitors allows businesses to reap impacting profitability and meet stakeholder expectations. 

Businesses should redefine the roles and responsibilities of the digital team, upgrade the technology stacks, and enhance internal capabilities to address the transformation challenges. In a nutshell, team optimization is crucial for overall success and allows the organization to shift to the next paradigm.

Sun Technologies follows an agile methodology and faster adoption best practices to expand the tech adoption capabilities and help companies grow better. Our team performs proof of concept before the transformation begins and, in the end, shows an exponential increase in productivity. In addition, we follow a sustained customer-centric, value-driven digital vision for the organization’s growth.

Position ambition and set the right set of blueprints for the new digital value at scale

Enterprises leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) increase their value in ROI and quality with velocity. As digital technologies such as RPA can automate business functions on a large scale, productivity will be increased with better, faster decisions. Consider redesigning your blueprints according to the agile practices to

  • Culture change mind-set
  • Regular collaboration with the C-suite allows the business leaders to interact efficiently with key business functional stakeholders
  • Leverage domain-specific operating models
  • Identify the areas to begin with
  • Leverage the team’s capabilities and expertise to handle complex problems
  • Renovate your integration approach by implementing an API-first integration strategy
  • Support your business model transformation by aligning your API strategy with your ecosystem strategy
  • Plan and implement your API strategy by using API management solutions
  • Agile 
  • DigitalOps
  • Continuous training and optimization of resources

An industry vision with digital ambition is comprised of four divisions.

1. Ideation

Change is the key factor for digital ambition. Culture change can impact various aspects of the business and operations. Analyze and find new opportunities in the initial planning stage, and figure out challenges and their context before producing potential solutions.

2. Capabilities

Businesses need a new set of capabilities to make the digital business function. These capabilities will require experience and expertise that the company already doesn’t possess.

3. Resources

The organization needs various sets of resources to carry out the business, including people, data, and intellectual property.

4. Insights

For every enterprise, an innovative approach to digital transformation is vital. Digital opportunities must redefine strategy. The new-age digital business will expand and open new boundaries. Hence organizations will have to conduct research programs designed to add value to the business.

The Tale of Strategy – Digital Business Transformation

Digital business representatives can navigate through the phases of digital technology enablement, optimization, and transformation. Sun Technologies’ digital transformation services packed with technologies like microservices, DevOps, AIOPs, MLOps, DigitalOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud can enable organizations to drive transformations that align with their expected digital ambition. We also assist companies with design-adaptive business functions and technology architectures facing ongoing disruption and risks.

Organizations that are faster in digital initiatives can sustain the pace of change, adaptability, and scale needed for digital business. A value-optimized criteria and technology operating model are key to implementing digital business at scale. With the top three goals, such as business growth, efficiency, and cost optimization of digital business, enterprises target an increase in revenue. Creating a digital business technology platform needs a large technical team with cloud expertise and the latest tech stack skillsets.


Digital business transformation involves a change of mindset and faster adoption of emerging technologies. Anything short of that will not change how the enterprise competes and operates. Digital transformation initiatives don’t happen within a short period. Because it’s an ongoing journey, a growing process that differs for each enterprise according to the business processes and engagement with customers. A successful digital transformation strategy for better customer experience includes leveraging technologies, such as IoT, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud, advanced analytics, and DevOps. To navigate the future, companies must choose the right choices that provide growth in a dynamic, disrupted space. Sun Technologies’ digital innovation strategy experts connect their deep industry experience with proven methods to help companies settle their most critical decisions, drive value, and achieve transformational success.

Ashlin Jenifa A L

Ashlin Jenifa A L

Ashlin is Detail-oriented Technology Writer with experience in authoring high-quality software documentation, white papers, case studies, templates, and user guides/manuals to clearly and efficiently explain highly complex systems and processes. Her skills include Content Planning, Digital Marketing, Web development, Website Management, Website Analytics, Relationship Management, Performance Tracking · Business Development · Strategic and innovative ideas, Team Leadership, Digital Media , Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Offpage, On-page, and Conversion Optimization.

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