Sun Technologies provides IT services and cutting edge technology solutions to enterprise companies of the BFSI market. Our expertise and knowledge of the domain has helped us to provide customers with incredible  results such as optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk, and sustained cost leadership.


Sun Technologies is focused on providing services in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance industry with a customer-oriented approach. By leveraging our expertise in both technology and domain, we are committed to helping our customers build modern infrastructure and software-driven business with the highest quality standards and use analytics for improved efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Software Services

    • Retail banking & trading software
    • Corporate banking software
    • Microfinance application
    • Claims processing
    • Mutual funds
    • Investor management application
    • Capital Market software
    • Application integration

  • Software Testing Services

    • Mobile Banking
    • Risk and Compliance Testing
    • Core Banking Testing (Migration, upgradation and implementation)
    • Trade Order Management Systems (TOMS)
    • Cards & Payment testing
    • Fixed income testing
    • Accounting software testing

  • Infrastructure Management Services

    • Data centre operation and management
    • Cloud management
    • Storage and backup
    • Network monitoring
    • Data security services
    • Remote infrastructure management services

  • Big Data & Analytics Services

    • Customer Analytics
    • Data & Identity management
    • Performance optimization
    • Dashboard & metrics
    • Operations optimization
    • Risk management

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