Sun Technologies is a leading provider of Aerospace and Defense Services providing consulting services, system integration and system development services. Working within the constraints of a highly regulated industry, our team has a proven track record of meeting rapidly changing business goals and constraints, while delivering value early in Aerospace and Defense projects.
  • Our team specialises in the development and integration of electronic systems including

    • Maintenance Management Systems
    • Fleet Management and Analytics Software
    • S1000D and IETM Technical Publication systems
    • Business Process Management
    • Business Intelligence Software Tools
    • PLM, MES & ERP Solutions

  • Software Testing Services

    • Code coverage and Unit Testing
    • Operational Testing
    • Load Balancing and Performance Testing
    • Compatibility with civilian and military standards
    • Safety Testing
    • Embedded Systems Testing

  • Big Data & Analytics Services

    • Predictive Analytics solutions
    • Root cause analysis for inter-dependent and complex systems failures
    • Forecasting model
    • Simulation models to identify the system behaviour

  • Our Solutions can help you in

    • Sustain a competitive edge
    • Drive Long term revenue advantage
    • Deliver innovative, quality aerospace engineering services

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