Our Storage services offerings

  • Store Management- File Backup, Virtualization Management, Snapshot Management

  • Information Management- FAT, NTFS, File Level Encryption

  • Data Management- Storage pools, Change Block Tracking

  • Disk Management- Disk Virtualization and Disk Encryption

  • Device Management- Multipath Management, Storage HBA

  • Storage Protocol- SCSI, iSCSI, FC, FCoE

Sun Technologies service offerings enable storage ISVs/ vendors to quickly develop next generation storage solutions

Value Proposition:
  • Meet various storage SLAs
  • Run applications that need heterogeneous storage interfaces
  • Reduce storage costs via the innovative use of the expensive storage(e.g. SSD)
  • Use storage as a service
  • Minimize storage management costs

Why Sun Technologies for Storage services?

  • Saving: Reduced your storage cost by using cloud storage

  • Scalability: can easily accommodate growth or spike in your storage needs

  • Data protection :produce a high degree of data security

  • Alliances with EMC, IBM, Sun, HP, Cisco, Brocade, Hitachi, NetApp, Symantec

Case Studies