Software Development

Sun Technologies offers a depth of experience in SDLC with a global delivery team that can execute 24/7x365. By use of our services customers have benefited:

  • Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Increased Delivery Bandwidth
  • Access to Top Technical and Project Management Expertise
  • Over 60% savings in Total Cost of Ownership.

Sun Technologies’ Software Development business, services in the following areas for products and applications:

  • 1. IT Consulting
  • 2. Product and Application Development & implementation
  • 3. Software Maintenance
  • 4. Enterprise Solutions

We also provide staff augmentation services with which you can hire resources like Developers, Software Engineers who can work for you and meet customer’s expectations.

IT consulting

Have specific business growth goals? Our Consultants can help you to define, buy, build, and integrate solutions that can help you achieve your business goals.Read More

Development and Implementation

We build projects around motivated individuals enabling smooth development and delivery from anywhere across the globe.Read More


We help organizations extend their maintenance bandwidth by taking on maintenance tasks through well-defined transition models.Read More

Enterprise Solutions

Sun Technologies Enterprise Solutions takes the guesswork out of product development with services from design through to support.Read More