Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have been impacting technology to a great extent both in the consumer and enterprise solutions space. The convergence of the SMAC technologies is having a revolutionary impact on business, creating enormous opportunities for those that embrace them. However, to fully maximize the value delivered by it is to have them integrated (what is referred to as SMAC stack) where each one can enable the other to maximize their potential. It is a basic need for the modern day enterprise to be connective, collaborative, and productive in real time and nothing can probably achieve this better than a prudent implementation of the SMAC stack.

At Sun Technologies, we have experts delivering SMAC-enabled solutions. Our deep industry expertise combined with a global, collaborative workforce is helping the world’s leading companies make the transition from the fourth wave of Corporate IT to the fifth with a new compounding, mutually reinforcing and integrated SMAC Stack architecture. Our exclusive lab at offshore (CoE), offers wide range of services to cater to the demands of the market.

Following services are being provided for SMAC industries:

  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Staffing (US – Onsite)
  • Software Development/ Mobile Apps Development
  • Software Testing (Exclusive Test Lab at offshore hosting various devices)
  • Big Data Analytics

Contact us to bring, create and manage the new world of Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud technology.