Regression Automation

Most product firms/ enterprises are adopting the continuous regression testing methods to stay ahead of the competitors by delivering better products in quicker time frames, and at the same time, closely engaging with the customer. This is achieved through a flexible methodology, transparent communication, seamlessly integrated and Co-existing teams with minimal risks.

Regression Testing & Test Automation is the key driver for enhancing the quality of the application and assuring the consistency of existing functionality being delivered to the end users. The key measures that our customers have realized include: more test cycles, Lesser turnaround times and enhanced test coverage, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of tool licenses and a highly skilled teams that can be flexibly ramped up and down based on QA needs. Our staff augmentation services has expertise on Regression Automation services who can work as per your business requirements.

Our Independent Test CoE’s Regression Testing Objectives include:

  • Regression Test Automation Feasibility Analysis
  • Test Automation Tool Assessment - leveraging both open source and commercial tools
  • Design and Implement Test Automation Framework
  • On demand regression test execution
  • Develop new scripts for application updates/ changes
  • Consistency - Reusable, modularized, flexible and easy to maintain test scripts
  • Support & Maintenance – Automated regression script maintenance
  • Continuous increase in automation percentage and reduction in regression cycle time

Our Value Proposition:

  • Robust & Flexible Automation Frameworks
  • Agile development methods for test automation services
  • Remote test automation services ensuring cost effective solutions to clients
  • Test Script Modularity, Data-Driven Tests, Test Library Architecture, Keyword Driven / Table – Driven, Hybrid Automation frameworks that is customized for your organizational requirements
  • Automated reporting mechanisms along with traceability from Requirements to Defects.
  • Seamless integration with existing Test management tools without additional costs.

Since Automation Testing is an integral part of testing process used across various industries, we have developed a new framework called "SWAUT- Sun's Software Automation Framework." For more details, click here.

Regression Automation Testing

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