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Business Objective

The Client was looking to ensure the software remained intact after bug fixes, enhancements and stability of the software in various operating environments.

Customer’s Challenges

  • Frequent change requests for the product due to development changes and bug fixing necessitated continuous regression testing across all the code branches
  • Execute regression testing with NO code break and NO new regression bugs in the application on new builds
  • Maintain a regression repository of 3250+ test cases

Our Solution

  • Executed the regression suite which has 3300+ test cases for all the components so far
  • Tested the application compatibility in more than 100 OS/CPU/DB combinations of environments to ensure data integrity
  • Regression being executed 2 times a week for development build and on demand when EBF(Emergency Bug Fixing) happens in release build
  • Provided thorough bug analysis – bugs could be due to environment or product issues
  • Carried System Level Testing such as endurance and stress testing crash and recovery test to study behavior of the product
  • Product level Upgrade testing was also done

Customer Benefits

  • Improved productivity of the application
  • Achieved 90% and more success rate in executing test cases
  • Reduced testing cycle time