Redefine Rebate processing, read Receipt Information Automatically for a Leading Retailer across America

Business Objective

The client was looking for a solution to read the receipts to rebate automatically with user’s data and parse the information.

Customer’s Challenges

  • A faster process in which receipts are read faster and accurately since rebate processing and approval was slower because of manual intervention
  • To reduce the cost on the process of reading receipts
  • To overcome the challenges of receipts of different format and data

Our Solution

  • Parsed the receipts and send the desired result to the customer in a web service
  • A framework was created with information about the different client retail stores for easy accessible and determination of receipt’s belonging to a particular store.
  • Proposed a “MVC” architecture by enhancing the performance of the system
  • Automated the test cases which compared the parsed receipts with the actual receipts data to find the accuracy of the application developed
  • Used the OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert the receipts in a text format to parse them

Customer Benefits

  • No run time cost for the parsing of receipts
  • Zero deployment costs
  • Automated rebate process for the receipts