QA Consulting

Sun Technologies expert QA Consultants and our “Get-Set-Go” Model towards QA Consulting services ensures that all the relevant data is gathered from the respective stakeholders to get a clear picture of the “As-Is” QA Process within our client’s environment. By adapting the IEEE & CMM (TMM/ TPI adapted) standards, we identify the gaps in your current process and recommend a blueprint of the To-Be QA model.

Our quality assurance services are totally customizable. We can assist you with building a quality assurance procedure starting from the earliest stage and also give additional support when your current group is overwhelmed.

The purpose of doing a Test Process Assessment is to get a clear picture of current Software QA/ Testing Process-the good practices being followed but not documented, user reported defects (gone unnoticed in QA) and recommending possible ways for QA process improvement. Our process brings these AS-Is process characteristics as Do-Don’t-Continue Initiatives.

The Assessment could range anywhere from one week to 8 weeks depending upon the IT landscape within customer organizations. At last, we will help you to create a framework to reduce costs, reduce defects, improve productivity and gain considerable advantage. Apart from QA consulting, we also provide staff augmentation services for Software Testing Industry.

QA Consulting

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