Performance Testing & Analysis for a Leading Healthcare Company Across USA

Business Objective

The client was looking to test an Intranet web based application with a load of more than 100 concurrent users.

Customer’s Challenges

  • Customer’s lack of expertise on Performance Testing and Analysis
  • Customer wanted an On-Demand, Low cost performance Test tool, that can test their intranet application from a Cloud
  • To ensure the application meets desired load/ performance benchmark
  • To check if the server can support more than 100 concurrent users load
  • To develop load scripts and check feasibility
  • To identify and validate the risks in the application

Our Approach

  • End to end business transactions were understood by our testers by identifying the performance gaps
  • Separated the scenarios with respect to performance and load testing of the applications
  • Developed and executed a benchmark script for a single user
  • This benchmark script was carried out and tested with 100 users
  • A comparative analysis between the single user test and 100 users test were made

Our Solution

  • A cloud based framework was incorporated to check the loading time and to verify the performance of the application
  • Used functional test automation cases for performance testing
  • Obtained the results in a graphical and grid view for client’s understanding on performed test cases
  • Our On-Demand performance testing solution helped the client to easily test the application under stress conditions and different load identifying the bottlenecks
  • A consolidated report on server, DB and Page Level testing was provided to the client for different performed test cases
  • Achieved 99.9% success on the testing the applications with the new framework

Customer Benefits

  • Cloud based platform for On-Demand testing
  • Improved loading time of the application
  • Recommended system tuning efforts
  • Provided round the clock support